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5 Futuristic Platforms for Discovering Your Subsequent Job

Web3 and blockchain are the buzzwords these days. With the blockchain industry flourishing, multiple new avenues and projects have given birth to Web3 jobs and freelance work. If you’re trying to enter this new field and find a web3 job for yourself, give this blog post a good read. All major brands including Nike, Apple, […]

Which Social Platforms Work Finest for Every Trade? [Infographic]

Look, I’m not sure that I agree with all of these categorizations – and I am sure that this will spark some debate among social media marketing folk. But the team from khoros recently conducted a thorough review of social platform demographicsand based on their findings they’ve published the below chart which outlines the best […]

How Area of interest Streaming Platforms Are Innovating to Compete with the Behemoths

You can’t be everything to everyone. This is perhaps best understood by the video streaming behemoths that strive to curate content across massive audiences in a way that feels personalized. For the big streaming players, creating tailored, engaging experiences continues to be an uphill battle given the vast number of programming options and personal preferences. […]

New Report Seems on the Progress of the Creator Economy, and Alternatives of New Platforms

Social platforms are going all-in on the ‘Creator Economy’, adding in a range of new monetization tools and promotion features that are designed to help platform stars showcase their value for brands, or sell their products directly in-app. The value of this is two-fold: for the creators, it enables them to keep doing what they […]

7 Top Email Marketing Software Platforms + How to Choose One

Few marketing technology verticals are as saturated as the email marketing space. You have literally dozens of email marketing software platforms to choose from, all claiming to do the same thing (grow and nurture your audience using automated emails). How do you determine which is right for you? While there is considerable overlap in this […]

The way to Select CRM Software, Plus the Top 10 Platforms

CRM software is 1 of the most widely used types of business software, but with so many different features and areas of specialization, trying to understand your options is extremely confusing. Not only that, but because CRM software often impacts several different teams, the process of choosing and implementing 1 is extra complex. Even if […]

Social Media Accounts Aren’t The Only Platforms That Can Be Hacked

Social Media Accounts Aren’t The Only Platforms That Can Be Hacked by Adam | September 23, 2022 Hacking is something that has become all too common with the internet being as integral to our lives as it is today. While many people fear hackers gaining access to their social media, bank, or loan accounts, there […]

8 Social Media Platforms You Have to Know

If you asked someone 20 years ago what their favorite social media platforms were, chances are they wouldn’t have an answer for you. Although the common consensus is that the earliest social media platform was developed in 1996, the number of people using those platforms is nothing compared to the billions who use social media […]

Hate Speech And Faux Information Nonetheless Hang-out Social Media Platforms

We saw signals at the end of last year. Facebook gained the headlines with the global press after internal documents had been published showing the company’s bad practices that could result in mental health problems and even put democracies at risk. But the discussion about how social media platforms can increase harm, hate speech, fake […]

Get Paid to Chat Online: 8 Platforms that Pay

Earning money online has never been easier. There are endless opportunities available on the internet where you can get paid while working from the comfort of your home. And not all of them require you to have excellent technical or writing skills. There are actual platforms where you get paid to chat. Literally. If you […]