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Meta Shares Tips about How you can Keep away from Apple’s In-App Charges [Infographic]

Meta’s going to extra effort to help marketers avoid paying Apple’s in-app taxes, which will soon not only apply to subscriptions and donations purchased within iOS apps, but also to boosted posts, which Apple is now classifying as a product within its rules. Apple announced the change in policy back in 2022, but is only […]

Pay-For-Play: Are Subscription Charges the Way forward for All Social Media Platforms?

The current leading social media platforms – Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and X – are beginning to develop and test paid models for their platforms to eliminate advertising. Social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, has already started testing this billing model with X users in New Zealand and the Philippines. A fee of $1 […]

Dad doubles the worth of his home with DIY efforts and saves £75,000 in tradesmen charges

A homeowner has told of how he has managed to double the value of his property with his remarkable DIY efforts – saving himself £75,000 on tradesmen fees. NHS-worker Alex Dodman says he has built himself a dream home by watching how-to videos on YouTube. The 36-year-old secured a secret, trendy fold-down bed for his […]