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Google Bard Launched, Bing Chat Image Creation, Generative AI Insurance policies & Extra web optimization/SEM Information

The Google broad core update for March is not done yet, and we see tremors. Google started to roll out Bard, and while it’s fast and has a sleek interface, it was a bit underwhelming when compared to Bing Chat. In fact, Bard is unlikely to link to sources and content creators too often. Even […]

Google Generative AI Fashions Prohibited Use Insurance policies

On March 14th, Google published its Generative AI prohibited use policy that states where you are not allowed to use its AI features to create content and information. This is not specific to search but as many of you can imagine, this might one day, bridge over to Google’s webmaster guidelines (or search essentials). I […]

Damon Becnel’s 5 Tips for Creating Social Media Insurance policies for Your Firm

5 Tips From Damon Becnel For Creating Social Media Guidelines For Your Business from Adam | November 1, 2021 Social media guidelines are important to any company operating in the digital space. A large majority of social media users use these platforms to express their opinions on companies, products, and services that they like or […]

Google Ads is updating Sexually Explicit Content Insurance policies as Serious Policy Violations

In Google Ads, starting December 1, 2021 and through January 2022, the Sexually Explicit Content Policy Violation will be updated to Serious Policy Violation. This means that ads that violate the sexually explicit guidelines, if detected and without prior warning, can lead to an immediate suspension of the account. the Notice said, “In December 2021, […]