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Generative Summaries For Search Outcomes

Google has a published patent named “Generative summaries for search results” which is believed to be the patent behind the Search Generative Experience launch we saw earlier this year. This patent was filed on March 20, 2023 and approved on September 26, 2023 under the patent ID US11769017B1. Juan Gonzalez Villa posted a thread on […]

Google Search Rating Algorithm Volatility Immediately

I am seeing some signs of some big Google Search ranking volatility and shuffling today. The November core update just finished, so Google would say it is not the core update but the November reviews update is still rolling out. Or maybe this new ranking volatility is unrelated to any confirmed update – I don’t […]

Google Local Photos Search Outcomes With Coronary heart & Different Reactions

Google seems to be testing allowing searchers to “heart” and other emoji reactions a photo in the local search results. This can be a way for Google to learn if the images uploaded to the hotel listing is useful to searchers and maybe also help searchers interact with the Google local search results more. This […]

Pinterest Launches Dwell Take a look at of New Body Sort Search Filters

After announcing its new, AI-based body-type matching option back in September, Pinterest is now rolling out a live test of the option, which will enable Pinners to find more images and examples that align more specifically with their body shape. As you can see in this example, Pinterest’s body type search filter will provide a […]

Google Search Console Down Again For Some

Google Search Console has been having reliability issues since yesterday, as we covered. It is currently down for many users across the world. The outage started again this morning at around 4 am ET. Yesterday Google Search Console went down from 8 am to 8:52 am ET and now it is having issues again. Google […]

Google Core & Evaluations Replace Not Finished, Google Simple Search, Date Points, Search Console Report Bugs, Follower Counts & Extra

This week was much slower than the previous weeks, and yes, the core and reviews updates are not yet completed, and Google has no estimate for us on when they will be completed. Google seems to be testing a “Simple Search” feature. Google may still be getting the dates it shows for some search results […]

Google Testing “Simple Search” Refinement Choice

Google may be testing a new “Simple Search” feature that may dumb-down the search results when you want something more simple. Google shows the “Simple Search” +Topics refinement button at the top of the mobile and desktop results, when tapped on, it readjusts the results to give you a different set of results. Here is […]

Follower Depend Is Not A Google Search Rating Issue

Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Liaison, confirmed on X that follower count is not used as a search ranking factor by Google Search. Sullivan said, “It is not,” when asked “Google now shows the number of followers on SERPs. What I’d like to know: Is follower count a ranking factor for social media profiles? So far […]

Google Search Fast Pickup Or Delivery Part

Google is testing a new section to show which products they have in their index that are available for fast pickup or fast delivery. Google already knows how long it would take to deliver or pick up an item, so it is grouping those that can be delivered or picked up fast in one search […]