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LinkedIn is Improving Search Outcomes. How to Make Your Content Shine For Your Viewers?

There are more than 830 million members on LinkedIn. They are not only looking for a new job, but they are looking for truly useful information while building their network. That’s why the engineering team at LinkedIn is making changes to improve the search experience. Improving search results seems to be becoming a priority for […]

Google Says No Latest Search Algorithms Targeted On Hyperlinks Outdoors Of Webspam

Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that he is not aware of any recent search algorithm update that focused on links, outside of webspam algorithms. He said this when someone asked how relevant links will be in the future to Google’s ranking algorithm. Well, first, John shared a poem on links and signals, which I […]

Google Selling Search Console Insights In Some Google Accounts

Molly Youngblood posted some screenshots on Twitter showing how Google is pushing her to check out Google Search Console Insights with a little banner that reads “New: Get insights about your site content.” When she clicks on her account icon, it brings up a “Search Console Insights” button with a “new” label next to it. […]

Google Search Conversations / Discussions & Forums Field

Google has had these discussion carousels for the past couple of years. Now Google also spotted a “conversations” box and also a “discussions and forums” box in Google Search. These primarily bring up forum threads or social media posts in these boxes. Here is the “Conversations” box that I can replicate but first spotted by […]

Google Useful Content Replace Reside, Search Console Information, Google Ads Local Campaigns Auto Upgrades

Google has begun rolling out the helpful content update on Thursday, August 25th. Many SEOs say they are not concerned about this update. Google also seemed to release some sort of update on August 24th. Google Search Console’s video indexing report is now live for all. Google said it will deprecate the international targeting report […]

Google Search Algorithm Replace On August twenty fourth? Was It The Useful Content material Replace

We were all expecting Google to post that the helpful content update started to roll out earlier this week but it is Thursday and Google has not posted it yet. I did see some chatter start yesterday, Wednesday, August 24th. But Google has not confirmed the rollout has started and the chatter, to me at […]

Google Search Can not Interpret Poems

Do you write poems, creative texts, abstract thoughts, and the like and are wondering how Google Search can and will rank that type of content? Well, John Mueller of Google was asked about that and he said “Search engines don’t interpret your poem.” He said that on Twitter saying “if you’re putting a poem on […]

Google Search On How Many Advertisements Are Too A lot For Your Web site

Google’s John Mueller was asked what percentage of content-to-ad ratio is too much to rank well in Google Search. As you can imagine, John said there is no number he can share. He said you should just know, if it is “too much” – you’d know. The question was “how many ads are recommended on […]

Google Says HTTPS Is Not A Requirement To Rank In Google Search

Google’s John Mueller was asked if Google still ranks sites that are on HTTP (not over HTTPS), ie insecure sites. John said yes, being on HTTPS is not a requirement to rank in Google Search he explained. The question asked was “do you still RANK non-https sites in 2022?” John responded on Twitter saying, “Sure. […]

Google Helpful Content Update To Goal Content Written For Search Rankings

Google has announced a new big search ranking algorithm update named the helpful content update – yes, Google named it that. This update will start to roll out next week and will target content that is, um, not helpful to humans and people. The helpful content update looks to weed out content written for the […]