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Boosting Your Pops CPM Campaigns Using the Latest Audience Targeting Feature + GIVEAWAY

Advertisement You must have spent enough time thinking about furthering your personalized customer approach. Now you can maximize the ad campaigns with the newest Audience Targeting feature introduced by Galaksion advertising network! In addition to getting their high-quality traffic directly from website owners, you can now target your campaigns on specific categories of users by […]

Google Releases October 2023 Spam Update Focusing on Extra Languages

Google has released a new spam update, the October 2023 spam update. This update goes after cloaking, hacked, auto-generated, and scraped spam. But those sites written in Turkish, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Hindi, Chinese, and other languages should see this more than maybe those in English languages. This update will take a few weeks to roll out. […]

Google Outlines Ongoing Efforts to Fight China-Based mostly Influence Operations Concentrating on Social Apps

Over the past year, Google has repeatedly noted that a China-based group has been looking to use YouTube, in particular, to influence western audiences, by building various channels in the app, then seeding them with pro-China content. There’s limited info available on the full origins or intentions of the group, but today, Google has published […]

Twitter Launches Take a look at of Advert Targeting Primarily based Particularly on Search Queries within the App

Twitter has launched a new ad option that will enable advertisers to place Promoted Tweets within specific search resultsenabling more specific targeting based on user intent. Millions of people on Twitter search for what’s happening every day. Now advertisers can bid to insert Promoted Tweets solely among specific search results, reaching people with high real-time […]

The Drum | Discovering Your Niche: Should Every Model Be Targeting Narrower Audiences?

Some brands have had recent success by narrowing their audience pool: one-day-a-week dating app Thursday, or no-January-sign-ups gym Equinox. Should more brands follow suit? We asked six marketers. ‘Brands that want to connect with generation Z need to be authentic.’ We’ve heard this repeated often enough to know that it’s exercised in a wide variety […]

Jeremy Meindl On CRM Targeting To Get A Lady (He Married Her) & For Advertising and marketing

Part one other part two with Jeremy Meindl was more on black hat SEO stuff and now in part three, we get into more white hat topics. We start with CRM targeting and how he got into CRM targeting. It started with him trying to get a date with a girl he liked. He photoshopped […]

Twitter Launches New Advert Focusing on Choices, Together with Superior Website Conversion Optimization

Wait, Twitter’s still launching ad updates, despite losing thousands of staff? Well, kind of. So, just before Thanksgiving, Twitter announced some new ad targeting optionswhich look fairly similar to its existing ad goals, but with some important differences. The first update is within its ‘Conversions’ objective, with advertisers now able to focus their promotions onto […]

Niche Advisors Can Acquire An Edge By Targeting Two Areas

Marketing experts urge new advisors to find an underserved niche and stick to it. The tighter focus leads to better results. X Advisors who pick a niche earn about 12% more on average than generalists, according to Michael Kitces of Kitces.com. Delivering targeted expertise can spur their business growth. If specializing in one type of […]

Google Ads Improves Location Concentrating on Choices

Google Ads seems to have added new location targeting options for your campaigns that let you better control who is seeing your search ads in Google. The options let you set who sees the ads and who is excluded from the ads. The target options now include: Presence or interest: People in, regularly in, or […]

Google Ads Smart Display Marketing campaign and Optimized Concentrating on Modifications Coming

Google posted in the Google Ads Community Forums about upcoming changes coming to Display Campaigns. Google said these changes are for simplifying campaign creation and management. Also Optimized targeting is now set as the default targeting method when you create new Display campaigns. Here is what Google posted: Here is What’s New? To simplify campaign […]