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Twitter Previews Up to date Tweet Element Show

With the addition of new elements like view and bookmark counts, the tweet details screen has become very cluttered, which Twitter itself is aware of, and is working to address. Today, Twitter designer Andrea Conway has shared a glimpse of the latest prototype of its updated tweet detail formatting – ie what you see after […]

Google Search Console Web page Indexing Report Up to date July 2nd

Google Search Console’s page indexing report should show more fine-grained page indexing issues starting on July 2nd. Google forgot to add an annotation to the report back then but promised to add it soon, so the confusion around why some are seeing a spike in errors can go away. John Mueller from Google posted about […]

Google News Showcase Coming To US & Up to date Google News Follow Tab

Google announced a few news-related updates, including that the Google News Showcase is finally coming to US news publishers, an updated follow tab in the Google News app, and survey features in Google Reader Revenue Manager. Google News Showcase, which launched first in Germany and Brazil back in October 2020 has been expanding to many […]

63 Well-known Company Slogans and Taglines (Up to date 2022)

A catchy company slogan captures what makes a brand or product different (and better) than the competition. It answers, “Why should I choose you?” And it’s catchy. The best slogans and taglines do three things: Grab shoppers’ attention Keep the brand top-of-mind mind for later buying decisions Communicate a competitive advantage and value proposition Done […]

Content Refresh: Increase Visitors With Updated Content

You’ve just checked the metrics on a piece you wrote a few weeks back and are horrified. Somehow, without you picking up on it, the impressions on that killer post you put together have dropped considerably. This leaves you with two options: Write more content to keep people coming to your website, or Refresh the […]

Meta Launches Up to date Model of WhatsApp for Windows

Meta’s launched a new version of WhatsApp for Windows PCswhich includes an updated UI for multi-person chats, providing more capacity to use WhatsApp for video meetings. As explained by Meta: “You can now host group video calls with up to eight people and audio calls with up to 32 people. We’ll continue to increase these […]

Google AdsBot Mobile Web Android Consumer Agent Up to date

Google has updated the user agent for the AdsBot Mobile Web Android crawler. If you hard-coded this bot for any purposes on your site, you will want to update your code. The new user agent for AdsBot Mobile Web Android is: Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 6.0.1; Nexus 5X Build/MMB29P) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/WXYZ Mobile Safari/537.36 […]

Googlebot’s IP Addresses JSON File Is Up to date Inside A Few Days Of New IPs

Google’s Gary Illyes said that the Googlebot JSON file IP address list is updated within a few days of a new IP being added to the list of IPs that Googlebot crawls from. “We got a few comments about whether the list is up-to-date; the answer was always yes, within a margin of a few […]

Twitter Exams Up to date Format for Tweet View Depend Show

Okay, everyone hates the new tweet view counts – or not so much hates them, as a concept, but hates the way that they’re displayed, which currently produces these types of double line stat summaries. People also don’t like that views are displayed first, at the left of the tweet data display, and Elon himself […]