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Buffer’s Strategy to Customer Assist

How can we keep creating a unique customer support experience even as we get an increasing number of messages from customers? This is a question that is always on my mind.  Delivering exceptional customer support has always been at the core of Buffer’s mission. Over the years, we’ve taken pride in our unwavering commitment to […]

Google Ads Help Irritating Advertisers & Companies

Advertisers and agencies seem beyond frustrated by the lack of support from the Google Ads support team. Nicola Agius covered it incredibly well, she said, “Google Ads customer service has plummeted to an unacceptable all-time low, according to search marketers.” Read her piece, it was really well done and addresses many of the issues and […]

John Mueller Of Google Offering search engine optimization Assist On New Years

John Mueller, Senior Search Analyst and Search Relations team lead at Google, was again out there on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, providing SEO support for site owners, creators, publishers, SEOs, and others. He has done this on Christmas every year and also on New Years every year. He has been doing this […]

Google’s John Mueller Offering Webmaster Assist On Christmas

Every year, John Mueller, Senior Search Analyst / Search Relations team lead at Google makes a significant effort to help respond to SEO-related questions on Christmas. He has done this since at least 2007, so sixteen-years and counting, and has done it again this Christmas. Here are the previous years of John offering support on […]

7 Creators On The Systems That Assist Their Content Creation

Since the first blog post was published and the first YouTube video was posted, content creation has evolved rapidly. It’s now treated as a legitimate business, with real earning potential for anyone with a smartphone and a willingness to share their creations. However, the ease of entry also means that anyone can become a creator, […]

6 Customer Service Email Templates That Present Help

In an age where customer comments, reviews, and ratings can easily bring down businesses, excellent customer service is critical for any business looking to succeed. Providing excellent customer support will enhance the company’s reputation and build brand loyalty. One of the most efficient channels for customer support is email. However, crafting a well-written and professional […]

3 Examples of Interactive Content to Help Seasonal Campaigns

Creating engaging campaigns is one of the main challenges for marketing professionals. With so many goals to achieve with some limitations such as time, workforce, and budget, being creative may seem to be the smaller challenge.  Seasonal campaigns give us a bigger incentive to go creative and explore different narratives in many different engaging ways. […]

Google SGE Whereas Searching, AI Content material, Content material Pruning, Google Ads Paid Help & Extra

For the original iTunes version, click here. Google launched some new Search Generative Experience features, like SGE while browsing and definitions in the SGE answers. Google seems to have stopped testing displaying links in SGE AI-generated answers. Google said navigational queries shouldn’t trigger an SGE answer. Google said if you are using AI to write […]

Google Ads Testing Paid Buyer Help Choices

Google is testing a paid version of customer support for its advertisers who use Google Ads. Google said this is a “paid pilot” where its “smallest customers can receive specialized, one-on-one support, tailored to their specific needs.” Google did not post anything about this on their blog or support channels, but a Google spokesperson emailed […]

Google Merchant Center Next Customer Help Particulars

Google wants you to add your customer support details to Google Merchant Center Next. Google said, “Shoppers are often dissatisfied when they can’t easily find customer support and returns related information when they’re shopping online.” So if you add this information, it will improve your shoppers experience. Here is how to add your customer service […]