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11 Small Enterprise Developments & Predictions to observe for in 2024

For some reason, we all think we’re immune to cyber-attacks and that such breaches will only target “others”. Yet, the reality is that cyber attackers, with their sophisticated social engineering tactics, are more than willing to prove that belief wrong, targeting businesses that consider themselves immune. Fortunately, awareness around cybersecurity is on the rise amongst […]

Google Useful Content material System, Reddit’s Google Deal, Product Variant Schema, Google Ads, Bing Search & Search Quantity Predictions

Google spoke more about the time it takes to recover from a helpful content update and then said it is up to you to decide ice what old content is helpful or not. Google said it wants to reward the best content no matter the site size. Meanwhile, Google will now pay Reddit $60 million […]

6 Social Media Marketing Predictions for 2024 [Infographic]

Looking to get ahead of the next big trends in social media marketing? This will help. The team from Emplifi recently shared their predictions for 2024, based on insights from thousands of brands that utilize its Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud service. Analyzing these trends, Emplifi has come up with six predictions of note, all of […]

We Checked On Our 2023 Social Media Predictions And How They Carried out

Social media had a pretty interesting year, from the rise of the creator economy to the constant addition of new features and the dozens of X alternatives that came and went. We predicted a lot of it but not all of it. To understand how much changed, it’s important to reflect on the year, especially […]

Google Says Core Updates Do Not Affect Autocomplete Search Predictions

Google said that core updates have no impact on what Google shows in the autocomplete search predictions or suggestions. Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Liaison was asked about this and he said no, there is no impact. The question was asked by Tony Hill who wrote, “are the predictions in Google Autocomplete affected by Core Updates?” […]

7 Social Media Predictions for 2023 (based on specialists)

If there’s one thing we love to check on at the end and beginning of any year, it’s the trends. Who got what right — or wrong? What did no one see coming? It’s all fascinating to witness. Perhaps antithetical to my love for trend-watching, the biggest lesson I’ve learned from predictions is that no […]

5 Predictions About The Way forward for Personal Branding

Personal branding has become an increasingly important aspect of successful career growth. It’s a big part of why we created social proof, our series tackling the topic. We interview amazing individuals with different goals who grew their brands on social media to further their career and business prospects. Thanks to social media, individuals have more […]

Microsoft Unveils 3 Predictions for PPC Traits in 2023. I will Clarify Every Of Them

If you’re looking to drive traffic to your website, Microsoft has unveiled three predictions for product categories in the new year. If you’re looking to leverage these trends, we have some advice on how — and when — to do so. The three product categories Microsoft is keying on are: Natural or organic food and […]