Google Search Console Core Web Vitals Report Could Report On Extra URLs

Google updated the Core Web Vitals report in Google Search Console on March 27, 2023. The update may have resulted in a change in the number of URLs in your Core Web Vitals report, the search company wrote.

Google wrote, “You may see a change in the number of URLs in your Core Web Vitals report. This is because more URLs are now being reported on due to a new origin group that contains data for URLs that previously fell below the data threshold. “

You should see a little marker notifying you of this update in the report, here is what it looks like:

click for full size

Here is more about URL Groups from the Google help document:

URLs in the report are grouped into pages that have a similar user experience. The LCP, FID, and CLS status applies to the entire group. Some outlier URLs might have better or worse values ​​on some visits, but 75% of visits to all URLs in the group experienced the group status shown. It is assumed that these groups have a common framework and the reasons for any poor behavior of the group will likely be caused by the same underlying reasons.

In order to respect user privacy, a URL group must have a minimum amount of data to be shown in the report. If a URL group doesn’t have enough information to display in the report, Search Console creates a higher-level origin group that should contain enough URLs and data to show in the report. This origin group contains data for all URLs in the same protocol://host:port group. For example, if the URL is part of a group that doesn’t have enough data to show, then Search Console will create the origin group https:// This origin group contains data for all URLs under, whether or not the URL also belongs to a group with sufficient data.

Note, I don’t think Core Web Vitals are that vital to SEO, so I wouldn’t get bogged down in these reports for SEO or ranking reasons.

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