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Bing Sidebar Co-pilot In Edge Browser & Bing Chat Limits Improve With Faster Responses

Microsoft announced a few updates for the Bing Chat AI co-pilot including that they increased the Bing Chat limits to 15/150 and also is testing an optimized “balanced” mode response that provides shorter and quicker responses. Bing also released the Bing Sidebar to Chat, Create and Compose with Bing Chat in the stable release of […]

Bing Chat Exhibiting Distinctive Analytics Referrer In Edge Sidebar

We all want to see how much traffic the new Bing Chat feature will send us and we know Bing Webmaster Tools will eventually add it. But how about analytics? Well, there are signs Bing Chat is adding some tracking variables for analytics software. This seems to only be available with Bing Chat for the […]

Bing Chat In Edge Sidebar Exams Not Displaying Citations By Default

Microsoft Bing is testing not showing the citations or links to publishers by default for some results in the Edge Sidebar. So instead of showing the links to the publishers, Bing is showing “click to view,” and when you click it, then Bing will show you those citations or links. This was spotted and covered […]

Danish biotech looking for area of interest vaccine edge towards Pfizer snags €72M for pivotal research – Endfactors News

A biotech 12 years in the mak­ing has se­cured its largest fi­nanc­ing yet, and it has am­bi­tious plans for what the chief ex­ec­u­tive called a “David vs. Go­liath” ven­ture. Min­er­vaX, based out of Copen­hagen, put out word bright and ear­ly Thurs­day that it se­cured €72 mil­lion in new fund­ing via both eq­ui­ty fi­nanc­ing and a […]

How To Use Video Marketing to Achieve A Aggressive Edge in 2023

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. As you know marketing in our currently powerful digitally-driven world offers a lot of opportunity and frustration. From a performance standpoint, marketers are expected to live up to KPIs more than ever before. To power the brands that employ us, we must be more strategic and adaptable […]

Niche Advisors Can Acquire An Edge By Targeting Two Areas

Marketing experts urge new advisors to find an underserved niche and stick to it. The tighter focus leads to better results. X Advisors who pick a niche earn about 12% more on average than generalists, according to Michael Kitces of Kitces.com. Delivering targeted expertise can spur their business growth. If specializing in one type of […]

Assume small to work massive: why constructing a distinct segment offers advisers an edge

As the great female icon, Dolly Parton once said: “You gotta keep trying to find your niche or make one of your own.” This sentiment was at the heart of a Women in Advice webinar that I recently hosted, where almost 40 female advice professionals came together to discuss how building a niche can help […]

Google about swaying on the fringe of the core knowledge of Web Vitals fields

Have you ever seen a chart in your Page Experience report or Core Web Vitals reports that shows Core Web Vitals data and then does no more and then again? If you do this, you are not alone, it means you are “on the verge of having enough field data to properly evaluate the CWV,” […]

Area of interest advertising: How you can achieve a aggressive edge by narrowing your agency’s focus

Conventional wisdom suggests that when you cast a wide net you catch more fish, but in today’s highly competitive marketplace — made even more uncertain by the ongoing pandemic — that kind of thinking is no longer the rule. These most unconventional times call for narrowing your focus to one or two areas of specialization […]