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Google On Why You Could See A Spike In Listed URLs

Google’s Gary Illyes answered a question on why one might see a sudden spike in indexed URLs by Google Search. The short answer is that there can be a ton of reasons, so it is hard to answer the question without the specific domain. But Gary did say these three reasons why Google might increase […]

Bing Search Testing Hiding URLs In Search End result Snippets

Bing is testing not displaying, hiding, the site’s URL in the search result snippets. Google has been testing this on and off for years and flip-flopping with that. But now Bing is doing the same – testing removing the full URL in the search results. This was spotted by both Frank Sandtmann and Shameem Adhikarath, […]

Google Search Console Core Web Vitals Report Could Report On Extra URLs

Google updated the Core Web Vitals report in Google Search Console on March 27, 2023. The update may have resulted in a change in the number of URLs in your Core Web Vitals report, the search company wrote. Google wrote, “You may see a change in the number of URLs in your Core Web Vitals […]

Google Recommends You Include Your Canonical URLs In Your Sitemap File

Google’s Gary Illyes said on LinkedIn this morning that you should “include the URLs that you would want to see as canonical in your sitemaps.” This is not necessarily new advice, Google has said this numerous times, but Gary had a reason to repeat this advice for some reason. Gary added, “It’s normal to have […]

Google Says You’d Be Fortunate To Finish Up In The Identical Place After Altering URLs

Google for years has recommended against SEOs changing URLs for the purpose of adding keywords to the URL. If you can keep the same URLs and change other things, that’s your best bet. The other day, Google’s John Mueller not only doubled-down on that recommendation but added that you’d be lucky to end up in […]

Google Says You Ought to Keep away from Altering URLs Simply For website positioning Causes

Google’s John Mueller has put down some strong language against changing your URLs for SEO reasons alone. He basically said in most cases, changing URLs will have a negative impact on SEO and that you probably shouldn’t change URLs just for SEO reasons. This came up in two different sites, one on Reddit and the […]

Google Core Web Vitals Report Positive aspects URL Stage Knowledge For Examples URLs

Google announced on Twitter it has added URL-level data in the example URLs within the Google Core Web Vitals report. Plus Google added that it made some textual changes to the report “to make it clearer.” Google wrote “We’re improving the Core Web Vitals report From today we’ll start surfacing URL-level data in the example […]

Google Sitemap 50,000 Restrict Primarily based On Location URLs, Not Various URLs

We know that each XML sitemap file can contain a maximum of 50,000 URLs but what is counted as the 50,000 URLs? John Mueller was asked if Google counts both the location URL and the alternative URL in the 50,000 limits. John said on Twitter it is just the location URL. As Google ,“All formats […]

Google Says Close to Duplicate URLs With Canonical Nonetheless Can Lead To Incorrect URL Rating

There is an interesting thread on Reddit on a topic we touched on here several times, the topic of Google ranking the wrong version of the URL in Google Search. It all stems back to the URLs you want Google to rank being near duplicate to the URL Google ends up ranking. The person said […]

Google Caches Search Console Inspection Tool Reside Take a look at URLs For 90 Days

In Google Search Console, you can use the URL Inspection Tool to test how Google sees a URL in its index versus in real time by using the live test button. Jamie Indigo asked on Twitter how long does that URL for the live test cache. Daniel Waisberg of Google responded that it lasts about […]