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Google And OpenAI Launch New Options For Their AI Instruments. What Will Occur Going Ahead?

If you work with the internet, or at least access it for fun, you’ve certainly come across a flood of news and artificial intelligence tools, haven’t you? AI is booming more than ever and several companies and market giants are in the race – for gold – to show themselves as a leader in AI, […]

Microsoft Bing Makes use of New GPT-4 From OpenAI

Microsoft Bing confirmed minutes after OpenAI announced the new version of GPT, GPT-4, that Bing uses that upgraded model. Yusuf Mehdi from Microsoft said“We are happy to confirm that the new Bing is running on GPT-4, customized for search.” In fact, Microsoft’s Bing Chat has been using GPT-4 for the past five weeks. “If you’ve […]