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Google News Testing Creator Names In Article Snippets

Google News, the portal, seems to be testing displaying the author name below the publication name in the article card snippet interface. Google recently tested this for Google Discover stories and Top Stories in Google Search. Now Google is testing it for articles listing on Google News at news.google.com. Shalom Goodman shared an example of […]

Google News Publisher Bug, FAQ & HowTo Wealthy Outcomes Drop, search engine marketing Previous Content material & GPTbot

For the original iTunes version, click here. Google has a bug with the Google News Publisher Center where some publishers’ feeds were days behind, and it seems fixed now. Google said the visibility for HowTo and FAQ rich results would drop significantly for most publishers. Google said don’t delete old content because you think it […]

Google Rating Updates, News Indexing Bug, AI Content material, Belief, Awards, Web page Expertise, Hyperlinks, Associated & Bing Chat

For the original iTunes version, click here. Every week, the Google Search volatility keeps getting hotter, but Google did say we should have a confirmed update this summer. Google fixed the News indexing bug late last Friday. Google said AI-generated content is not, by default, well received by Google’s ranking algorithms. Google said journalistic awards […]

Google News Indexing Bug Mounted After 3 Weeks Of Points

Google confirmed indexing bug with Google News publishers that went on for about three weeks. It started around June 21st and was officially fixed on Friday, July 14th. Let me give you the timeline. News publishers began to report noticing issues with their site’s visibility and traffic from Google News around June 29th in this […]

Google Search Volatility, Google News Indexing Bug, Bard, SGE, Website Names, Syndication, INP & Extra

For the original iTunes version, click here. Surprise, surprise, we had another unconfirmed Google search ranking update. Google confirmed it had a Google News indexing bug for weeks and just fixed it at the end of this week. Google Search Console page indexing report, was updated back on June 2nd, causing a ton of confusion. […]

Google Replace, Twitter Blocked Google, Bing Eliminated From ChatGPT & Extra search engine optimization, PPC and Analytics Information

This morning, we are seeing significant movement with the Google search results ranking and algorithm. Twitter blocked unregistered users from seeing tweets, which blocked Googlebot and resulted in huge drops in Google Search traffic but a few days later, Twitter fixed it. Bing Chat improved its efficiency and dropped latency by 25%. OpenAI disabled the […]

Google News Showcase Coming To US & Up to date Google News Follow Tab

Google announced a few news-related updates, including that the Google News Showcase is finally coming to US news publishers, an updated follow tab in the Google News app, and survey features in Google Reader Revenue Manager. Google News Showcase, which launched first in Germany and Brazil back in October 2020 has been expanding to many […]

Meta Threatens to Ban News Content material in California Because of Proposed ‘Journalism Preservation Act’

Here we go again. With California considering a new ‘Journalism Preservation Act’which would essentially force Meta to pay for news content that users share on Facebook, Meta has threatened to ban news content entirely in the state – which is now a common refrain for Meta in such circumstances. California’s Journalism Preservation Act aims to […]

Unconfirmed Google Replace, Bard & Bing Chat Upgrades & Extra search engine optimisation & PPC Search Information

Note I recorded and wrote this recap on Wednesday but scheduled it to go live on Friday morning, and I am offline for Passover. I posted the monthly Google Webmaster report, and it is an excellent way to catch up on the last month of Google SEO topics. Google said they upgraded Bard’s math and […]

Google Bard Launched, Bing Chat Image Creation, Generative AI Insurance policies & Extra web optimization/SEM Information

The Google broad core update for March is not done yet, and we see tremors. Google started to roll out Bard, and while it’s fast and has a sleek interface, it was a bit underwhelming when compared to Bing Chat. In fact, Bard is unlikely to link to sources and content creators too often. Even […]