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Google’s History of Thanksgiving Doodle

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and to celebrate the holiday, I will not be posting news today. Don’t worry, a lot of news will be posted tomorrow, including the weekly SEO video recap (subscribe!). Today, Google has a special Thanksgiving Doodle that goes to the History of Thanksgiving search result in Google Search. Here is the search […]

Bing Chat Historical past For Personalised Solutions Might Not Work On Chrome Or Firefox

Last week, we reported about the new Bing Chat personalized answers feature that uses your chat history to give you a more tailored answer to your queries. But that might only work in Edge, Microsoft’s browser. When I tested this feature, I couldn’t trigger it, so I assumed it was still rolling out. But it […]

A Transient Historical past of Content Marketing

Effective advertising in today’s global culture requires great website content. Not okay content, or even good content. To stand out from your competitors and capture the attention of your target audience, you need superior content.  It is arguably one of the most important parts of advertising on the internet. Here’s what you should know about content marketing, […]

Amy Toman’s Historical past & Ardour With Native & Small Businesses

Amy Toman and I met at a beach in New Jersey on a stormy rainy day, because we wanted to be weather reporters. Amy is a local SEO specialist at Digital Law Marketing and is also a Google Product Expert for Google Business Profiles. Amy told us her history, being born in Brooklyn but not […]

The Historical past of Social Media in 33 Key Moments

The history of social media is a long and storied one. It’s bursting with pivotal moments like the launch of Instagram Stories, to that one time Zuck was on trial for Facebook privacy issues, to…honestly, let’s just look at the entire social media history timeline. So sit back, relax, and join us while we look […]

Celebrating Women’s History Month at ActiveCampaign

This Women’s History Month, ActiveCampaign is excited to celebrate our female-identifying employees and the brave women throughout history who tell our stories. The fight for gender equality is still ongoing today, and we’re grateful to all the women who have stood up for their rights. Those women, past and present, who continue to champion diverse […]

Pinterest Focuses on Travel Inspiration and Training for Black History Month

Pinterest is taking a unique approach to Black History Month, with a new ‘Find Your Routes’ Black Travel Hub initiativewhich aims to highlight places that have strong connections to Black history, while also showingcasing Black-owned businesses. As explained by Pinterest: “Find Your Routes” is inspired by The Negro Motorist Green Book aka “The Green Book”. […]

Jeff Ferguson’s Historical past In The Search Advertising and marketing House

Jeff Ferguson is the CEO of Amplitude Digital, and he has been in the search space for a really long time. He is also an Adjunct Professor at UCLA. In part one, we went through his long career in this space. He spoke about how he worked at a start-up that basically scrapped content on […]

Google Shopping Search Product Listings With Price Historical past Graph

Google seems to be testing a “price history” chart or graph in the Google Shopping search product listings interface. I personally cannot replicate this yet, outside of seeing the “typical pricing across the web” section, but I do not see the price chart. This was spotted the other day by Saad AK on Twitter who […]

The Recorder – All through historical past, area of interest markets have helped North Quabbin farmers thrive

Wendell resident Cathy Stanton always had an interest in the history of farming in New England, with a particular interest in how close the present nostalgia regarding farming comes to reality. This interest has led her to join the board of Orange’s Quabbin Harvest Food Co-op as well as create two online resources. “Most people […]