Jeff Ferguson’s Historical past In The Search Advertising and marketing House

Jeff Ferguson is the CEO of Amplitude Digital, and he has been in the search space for a really long time. He is also an Adjunct Professor at UCLA. In part one, we went through his long career in this space. He spoke about how he worked at a start-up that basically scrapped content on the web, and the company exploded during that dot com explosion. It was talking about the old SEO days, of course.

He actually even worked at Napster – now that is a classic internet story. He explained that he had to make the private catalog public for search engines to crawl, index and rank, and it worked like a charm, he said. He was Hilton’s first digital advertising person and his first time working at a massive company. He was there during the Paris Hilton tape was out on the internet, and people did not understand that once it was on the internet, it was forever out there. And he had to turn off some ads because Hilton was spiking and driving terrible clicks.

We then spoke a bit more about his work history in part one of this vlog.

You can learn more about Jeff Ferguson at amplitude digital and follow him on Twitter @CountXero.

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