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Celebrating Women’s History Month at ActiveCampaign

This Women’s History Month, ActiveCampaign is excited to celebrate our female-identifying employees and the brave women throughout history who tell our stories. The fight for gender equality is still ongoing today, and we’re grateful to all the women who have stood up for their rights. Those women, past and present, who continue to champion diverse […]

Pinterest Focuses on Travel Inspiration and Training for Black History Month

Pinterest is taking a unique approach to Black History Month, with a new ‘Find Your Routes’ Black Travel Hub initiativewhich aims to highlight places that have strong connections to Black history, while also showingcasing Black-owned businesses. As explained by Pinterest: “Find Your Routes” is inspired by The Negro Motorist Green Book aka “The Green Book”. […]

Eaton’s is carving a distinct segment with its pizzas of the month | Ozaukee Co. Enterprise Information

GRAFTON – Eaton’s Fresh Pizza has been all about perfecting recipes. So what sort of concoction would owner Corey Faust need to successfully open and operate a fourth location? It’s more than just a few simple ingredients. Eaton’s, which maintains two Fond du Lac locations and one in West Bend, recently surpassed its two-year anniversary […]

Taking Part in Dry January? Try These Non-Alcoholic Options Before the Month Ends

Home Business Magazine Online There’s no doubt that the sober curious movement is only getting bigger. So many people are also now taking part in Dry January because they want to make their overall wellness a greater priority in the New Year. Are you also going a full month (or more!) without any alcohol? If […]

How To Spend 90 Minutes A Month Managing Your Money

Here’s the exact system I use to spend only 90 minutes a month managing my money. If you haven’t already set up your Conscious spending planI recommend doing that first. CATEGORIES OF SPENDING Use these as guidelines for your spending and tweak as necessary. Fixed costs: Rent, Utilities, Debt, etc. 50/60% of take-home payInvestments: 401(k), […]

Meta Will Match as much as $7 Million in Charitable Donations Throughout its Apps this Month

GivingTuesday is coming up later this month, and to mark the ‘season of giving’, Meta has announced that it will match user donations, up to $7 million, to the various charities promoted across its apps. Though it’s gone about explaining this in a fairly convoluted way: “When you sign up to donate monthly to a […]

My facet hustle earns me about $3,000 a month and I work lower than quarter-hour a day however you must be ‘area of interest’

ONE TikToker has found a side hustle she said has “changed her life” in six months. It’s a gig that pays around $3,000 a month for just 15 minutes of work a day. 1 GreteCreates2 has revealed a perfect side hustle for those who only want to work minutes a dayCredit: TikTok/gretecreates2 The reason GreteCreates2 […]

Google search engine optimisation Workplace Hours Now Down To As soon as Per Month

Google’s John Mueller has been doing Google SEO office hours for what feels like a decade or so. It is when John Mueller would answer questions live from SEOs and then that would be published on YouTube for all to watch later. We would cover a lot of those recordings here and even ask some […]

What is Rainbow Washing? And Why You Ought to Forestall It Throughout Pride Month

Every time June (Pride Month) comes around, lots and lots of brands change their logo to a “rainbowed” version as if it were a competition. But is this practice really effective for their image? And, more importantly, is this really helping the LGBTQIA+ community? Let’s answer the question and reflect on that for a second. […]

I Make 5 Figures a Month As a Coach. Here’s How I Picked a Area of interest.

Kelli Thompson is a women’s leadership coach and speaker who went off on her own in 2019. She said she lost 80% of her consulting income in 2020 as a result of canceled contracts. Once she found her niche and got clear on her messaging, she started hitting five-figure months. At the beginning of 2019, […]