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Bing Chat Historical past For Personalised Solutions Might Not Work On Chrome Or Firefox

Last week, we reported about the new Bing Chat personalized answers feature that uses your chat history to give you a more tailored answer to your queries. But that might only work in Edge, Microsoft’s browser. When I tested this feature, I couldn’t trigger it, so I assumed it was still rolling out. But it […]

Bing Chat Now Works On Chrome, Firefox and Different Browsers

This morning Bing Chat started to work across non-Edge browsers. That means, if you are logged into Bing, you can use Bing Chat on Chrome and Firefox and likely other browsers. We knew this was coming soon and it seems to have started to roll out Friday morning at around 5am ET. Try it in […]

Google Discover Provides Long Faucet To Preview Tales For iOS Chrome

Google has added long tap to preview for Google Discover within iOS for Chrome according to Glenn Gabe. Glenn Gabe posted about this on Twitter and said “Google just launched “long tap to preview” functionality in Discover in Chrome on iOS. Long tap the story & you see a preview of the article, you can […]

Google Chrome Journeys Rolling Out Now

back in October 2021 we reported that Google was testing in Chrome something called Journeys. Journeys will cluster all the pages you’ve visited related to your previous browsing history so you can easily view them without having to sift through your browsing history. Now, Chrome is rolling out Journeys on desktop browsers. Specifically Journeys is […]

Chrome assessments search and journeys side-by-side for searching historical past with search

Google’s beta version of Chrome is testing two new search functions; One is searching side by side and the other is journeys. Journeys is tested in Chrome Canary on the desktop and in the side panel of the Chrome OS Dev channel. Google announced it there but i handled it around last week too Search […]