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Google’s History of Thanksgiving Doodle

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and to celebrate the holiday, I will not be posting news today. Don’t worry, a lot of news will be posted tomorrow, including the weekly SEO video recap (subscribe!). Today, Google has a special Thanksgiving Doodle that goes to the History of Thanksgiving search result in Google Search. Here is the search […]

111+ Thanksgiving Email Topic Lines (Copy/Paste Templates)

Thanksgiving: a time of gratitude, family gatherings, and feasts. For email marketers, it’s also an occasion to tap into the warmth and generosity of the season and create campaigns that resonate with subscribers. You need top-notch Thanksgiving email subject lines to stand a chance of getting your audience’s attention on this busy holiday. After all, […]

Google Thanksgiving Volatility, Hyperlinks, Content material & Extra search engine optimisation & 19 Years Protecting Search

Since Friday of Thanksgiving last week, we have been seeing a lot of chatter and volatility with Google Search. Google said they improved the accuracy of the Discover performance report in Google Search Console. Google said links have a lot less of a significant impact today than they did years ago. Google said they have […]

Combined Indicators Of A Thanksgiving Vacation Google Search Rating Algorithm Replace

For the past several weekends, I’ve been reporting about a Google search ranking algorithm update that hit on a Friday and continued throughout the weekend. Well, last weekend was the Thanksgiving holiday in the US and I did see some signs of a possible Google Search ranking algorithm update – but truth is, it is […]

Thanksgiving Advertising and marketing – 3 Methods to Serve Significant Content

Everyone talks about Black Friday marketingbut what about Thanksgiving? People love a feel-good story, and Thanksgiving is the perfect time for it. In 2016, a grandmother in Arizona sent a text message to the wrong number, unknowingly inviting a stranger to Thanksgiving dinner. Although they both quickly realized the mistake, he came anyway. The couple […]

How To Write A Heartfelt Thanksgiving Email (With Examples)

It’s nearly time for Thanksgiving… Hopefully, most of us will be able to spend that time with those who we care about the most, like family, friends, or our best office buddies. Before that happens though – and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for it to happen – we can use this time to craft […]