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Wings of Commerce: Unveiling the Secrets of Air Freight Shipping

Wings of Commerce: Unveiling the Secrets of Air Freight Shipping In the realm of global commerce, the efficient movement of goods is paramount. Amidst the myriad of transportation methods, air freight shipping stands out as a vital component of the supply chain. From perishable goods to time-sensitive deliveries, air freight offers unparalleled speed and reliability. […]

How Commerce Media Redefines Affiliate Marketing Throughout This autumn Shopping

Advertisement The thing with the performance marketing industry, and with marketing in general, is that it really evolves fast. And by fast, we mean that just a few months can redefine how certain phenomena are perceived. This is the case with the affiliate marketing world, too. New Affiliate Marketing Only a few years ago we […]

Social Commerce Success: Integrating Social Media into Your Magento eCommerce Platform

Social Commerce Success: Integrating Social Media into Your Magento eCommerce Platform This article explores the strategic integration of social media into a Magento eCommerce platform and highlights the numerous benefits it brings to businesses. By seamlessly connecting social media channels with your Magento store, you can enhance brand visibility, drive website traffic, boost customer engagement, […]

YouTube Pronounces Vacation Purchasing Showcase because it Works to Maximize its Commerce Alternatives

YouTube’s looking to give live-stream shopping another push, with a new series of shopping streamsand other in-app shopping activations, hosted by some of the most popular creators in the app, in the lead-up to Thanksgiving. as per YouTube: “With the holiday season quickly approaching, more and more people are looking for a one-stop shop for […]

What is Conversational Commerce and Why Does it Matter for Manufacturers?

Imagine walking into a store only to find there’s nobody to greet you and you can’t find anything easily. You have questions about products you’re interested in, but no one is there to answer them. You leave empty-handed. Without conversational commerce, this happens in online retail stores all the time. More customers are shopping online […]

Poor Buyer Expertise Makes Social Commerce Unpopular Among Customers

It’s well known that social media has been part of the purchase path of most consumers for a while now. More than half of millennials and Gen Z have social media influence when shopping, according to research. Gen Z has even used TikTok more than Google to search for things. So, it’s not surprising that […]

What is Social Commerce and Why Ought to Your Brand Care?

This blog post may be titled “What is social commerce?,” but maybe it should actually be called “Do you want to make some money?” Global eCommerce sales are predicted to grow to $1.6 trillion in the next three years—an increase of over 100% compared to 2020. There’s never been a better time to start selling […]

Pinterest CEO Steps Aside, as Former Google Commerce Chief Takes the Reigns on the App

This is a significant update. Pinterest has today announced that co-founder and CEO Ben Silbermann is stepping down from his role, and shifting to a new position within the organization, with online commerce expert Bill Ready set to take over as Pinterest chief, effective June 29th, 2022. Silberman posted to impassioned update on the Pinterest […]

Pinterest Launches New ‘TV Studio’ App because it Appears to be like to Broaden on its Live Commerce Choices

Pinterest continues to evolve its video offerings, this time via the launch of a new, separate ‘Pinterest TV Studio’ appwhich is designed to enable live-stream creators to improve their streaming set-ups, with multiple camera capability, improved editing tools and more. As first reported by TechCrunchPinterest quietly released the new app earlier this week on both […]

11 Sensible Methods to Optimize Your Social Commerce Technique

The trend of social commerce has been around for some time and is going to grow in the coming years. That’s because the big social media platforms invest in commerce solutions to compete for advertisers and audiences. By 2028, the global social commerce market is expected to reach $3.369 billion. What does the rise of […]