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Instagram Provides New ‘People You Comply with’ Filter for DMs

Instagram has added a new DM filter option for creators, which will enable you to filter your inbox to only messages from profiles that you follow in the app. As you can see in this example, the new “People you follow” option will enable you to prioritize DMs from only the profiles that you’ve chosen […]

Google Search Stores Filter On Cell

Google Search on the mobile interface can show a store button with an arrow on it, that if you click on it, it overlays a filter to filter results by specific retailers and merchants. The store filter in general is not new, we’ve seen it before with the shopping mobile filters, but the way this […]

Google Testing Perspectives Search Filter On Desktop

In June, Google launched the perspectives search filter in the mobile search results. Now, Google is testing that filter within the desktop search results. As a reminder, the perspectives search filter will give you long and short-form videos, images and written posts that people have shared on discussion boards, Q&A sites and social media platforms. […]

Google Rating Fluctuations, Views Filter, SGE Business Profiles, Bard With Lens, Bing Chat Visible & Extra

This week, we had yet another pretty hot and unconfirmed Google search ranking update in the middle of the week. Google finally launched that perspectives filter in the mobile US search results. Google updated its Search Generative Experience to use data from reviews and photos within Google Business Profiles. Google now lets you virtually try […]

Google Launches The Perspectives Filter

Google has finally launched the perspectives filter in the Google mobile search results. There is a ton of confusion around what perspectives is because Google has released or tested a number of search features over the past year, but the perspectives search filter is now live, the one Google demoed at I/O. Here is a […]

Google Search Can Filter Out Apparent Hack Spam However Not All

What if your site gets hacked and there is a ton of spammy content placed on it? Do you have to worry about negative consequences on your Google rankings and overall SEO efforts? John Mueller of Google said Google can filter out the most obvious hacks but what is placed on your website is what […]

Google Shopping Search Discover Filter For Black, Women, Veteran & Latino Owned Companies

Google has recently added a new “Discover” filter to the Google Shopping search side bar to filter shopping results by Black-owned, Latino-owned, Veteran-owned or Women-owned businesses. I think this was added at least a few months ago when Google added the smaller stores filter but I’m not 100% sure on timing. For some searches, you […]

Google Popular Products Carousel Positive aspects Filter Selectors

Google launched the popular products carousel in 2019 but now it seems Google is showing a carousel above the products to filter based on price, brand and other attributes. So we have an embedded filter carousel within the products carousel. Shameem Adhikarath posted this on Twitter implying this was new and my old screenshots do […]

Google Search Console Provides Translated Outcomes Search Appearance Filter To Efficiency Report

Google has quietly added a new search appearance filter to the performance report in Google Search Console. The new search appearance filter is named “translated results” and it shows you how many searchers accessed your site’s content when Google translates it in the search results. This seems to be mobile only right now, based on […]