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IRS: $1 Billion in Unclaimed Tax Refunds, File Deadline May

The IRS is reminding over one million Americans who have yet to file their 2020 tax returns that they have less than two weeks left to claim a total of $1 billion in unclaimed refunds. The deadline is May 17. According to an IRS news release this week, Americans have “a little more time than […]

This File Backup Tool Subscription Is $25 for Life for One Week Solely

Disclosure: Our goal is to feature products and services that we think you’ll find interesting and useful. If you purchase them, Entrepreneur may get a small share of the revenue from the sale from our commerce partners. There are a ton of reasons why your business could lose time and money if its data isn’t […]

Google Provides Comma-Separated ValuesComma-Separated Values (.csv) (CSV) Information To Listing Of File Varieties Indexable By Google

Google has updated the help document for file types indexable by Google to include Comma-Separated Values (.csv) in the list. I doubt Google was not bale to index those files before, and I wonder if this was just a documentation change but not a change in what Google was able to index? The help document […]

Googlebot’s IP Addresses JSON File Is Up to date Inside A Few Days Of New IPs

Google’s Gary Illyes said that the Googlebot JSON file IP address list is updated within a few days of a new IP being added to the list of IPs that Googlebot crawls from. “We got a few comments about whether the list is up-to-date; the answer was always yes, within a margin of a few […]

Microsoft Bing Says The lastmod Tag In XML Sitemap File Is Important

Microsoft Bing posted a newblog post saying “for XML sitemaps, one of the most critical tags you can include in your sitemap is the “lastmod” tag.” And it will become even more critical as Bing is reworking its crawl scheduling stack to rely more on this lastmod field. Yes, by June, the way Bing decides […]

Google Recommends You Include Your Canonical URLs In Your Sitemap File

Google’s Gary Illyes said on LinkedIn this morning that you should “include the URLs that you would want to see as canonical in your sitemaps.” This is not necessarily new advice, Google has said this numerous times, but Gary had a reason to repeat this advice for some reason. Gary added, “It’s normal to have […]

Google Removes Rich Media File Greatest Practices Assist Doc

Google has deleted and 404ed the Rich media file best practices. Google said removed its “documentation about rich-media files, such as Silverlight and Flash.” Why? This is the best part, Google wrote “Turns out it’s not 2005 anymore.” You can probably briefly see the cached version of the page over here and then use the […]

Google Says It’s Simpler To Cease Shopping for Hyperlinks Than Updating Your Hyperlink Disavow File

Google’s John Mueller has one of his good one liners again. An SEO named Sara Taher asked him for his “thoughts on people updating the disavow file everyday?” John responded “It would be easier to stop buying links /shrug.” Here is this conversation on Twitter: It would be easier to stop buying links /shrug — […]

How to Compress Video File Size for Email for Free

Home Business Magazine Online It is not uncommon for you to be startled by a notification pop-up stating “The file (s) you are trying to attach is over the 25MB attachment size limit” when trying to upload a video file to the e-mail. Insert mail. In general, the commonly used email services only allow attachments […]

Microsoft Bing lists all of BingBot’s IP addresses within the JSON file

Not to be exceeded by google, Microsoft’s Fabrice Canel announced that it has published BingBot’s IP addresses in this JSON file. This is in addition to the methods you can use to verify that Microsoft Bing is crawling your website and that it is not a scam bot pretending to be BingBot. Here is the […]