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Google Says Featured Snippets Don’t Have To Come From High Ten Search Outcomes

Google’s John Mueller said there is no rule that a page has to rank in the top ten search result positions for it to be considered eligible for a featured snippet position. The question was asked by Shubham Davey who wrote “if a page isn’t ranking in the top 10 on SERPs, are those pages […]

Google Testing Extra Visible Parts In Search For Featured Snippets, Prime Tales, Merchandise & Extra

Over the past few days I’ve seen reports of Google Search testing more visual elements. These visual elements are across featured snippets, top stories, products and likely more. Here is what I found, all of which are tests, because I cannot replicate any of these search features and design layouts in any browser I’ve tried. […]

Google Search Displaying Extra Featured Snippets On Desktop

Google Search is now rolling out more featured snippets, this is not the new perspectives that it said would be coming at its Google I/O event, despite what I wrote in the original story. It’s basically where Google shows more than one featured snippet, often two or three. We saw this on mobile but now […]

Get Featured in Google Answer Box: Ideas for Most Visibility

When it comes to search engine optimizationranking in the top spot is crucial for getting the most traffic. However, as all marketers know, getting the coveted first position is challenging, especially when competing against some of the biggest brands in the world. When you add pay-per-click advertising to the mix, some keywords may seem impossible […]

Microsoft Bing Animated Featured Snippet More Expansion Button

Microsoft Bing has added a “more” button on some featured snippets in the mobile search interface. When you click on the more button, there is this brief and subtle animation that opens up more details from the site. This was captured by both Vijay Chauhan on Twitter and Keyur Shah on Twitter. Here is one […]

Google MUM Provides Featured Snippets Consensus, Google Breaks Unhealthy, Rating Tremors, Lens, Spam & Extra

Google launched new features in search, one where Google is using MUM to give featured snippets a consensus – it’s pretty cool. Google also released new features about this result and expanded content advisories in search. Google Search broke this week, really badly, causing a lot of indexing issues with pages dropping out of the […]

Google Featured Snippet Callouts, False Premises, MUM & Extra

google has launched some improvements to featured snippets, about this result and the content advisories in Google Search. MUM now works with featured snippets to help Google understand the notion of consensus and then highlight words in the featured snippets, known as callouts. I dug deep into this on Search engine countryso here is the […]

Google Featured Snippet Playing cards

Google seems to be testing a new format for featured snippets in the search results. This new layout has multiple answers, from multiple sites/sources in a card view at the top of the search results page. I cannot replicate this design but William Alvarez shared the following screenshot on Twitter (click to enlarge): I think […]

Survey Says SEOs Actually Need Featured Snippet & Indexing Protection API In Google Search Console

A poll on Twitter by Brodie Clark shows that SEOs really do want both a featured snippets filter in the performance reports in Google Search Console and also an index coverage API. The poll also has a number of other requests but those are by far the most requested because those were specifically called out. […]

Dan Shure on Featured Snippets & Buying Websites for web optimization

In the first part, Dan Shure and I spoke via google core update and in the second part we talked about the usage Buying Guide for SEO. In the third part, we’ll look at featured snippets and buying websites for SEO. Snippets recommended by Google: Dan Shure didn’t mean that he thinks featured snippets will […]