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Google Search Rating Volatility, Pinging Google Sitemaps, Bing Index Protection, AI, Search, Native & PPC

This week in search, we had yet another week of heated Google search ranking volatility without a confirmed Google search ranking update. Google said it would drop the Ping endpoints for Google Sitemaps later this year. Some are seeing the new index coverage report in Bing Webmaster Tools. Google said word count is not an […]

Bing Webmaster Tools To Acquire Bing Chat & Index Protection Reporting

Yesterday, Fabrice Canel from Microsoft Bing announced at PubCon that Bing Webmaster Tools would get two new features. First is the Bing Chat integration, and the second is the index coverage report. The Bing Chat integration, where the Bing Webmaster Tools performance report will allow you to see impressions, click, click-through rates, and more from […]

Google Search Testing Full Protection Label On Desktop

Google since 2019 had this”full coverage” label for news stories that showed up in mobile search results. I am not sure if this was ever presented in the desktop results, and that is what we have for you today. Khushal Bherwani spotted the desktop version and posted some screenshots on Twitter – here is one […]

Google Tag Positive factors Faucet Protection, Ads, Analytics & CMS Integration

Google has updated the Google tag (the new Google tag) to include a new tap coverage summary and offering deeper Google Ads, Google Analytics, and various CMS integrations. Google wrote “we’re unveiling another set of capabilities that provide more visibility into your site’s measurement coverage and simplify the setup.” The new tag coverage summary, you […]

3 Methods Direct-to-Shopper Manufacturers Can Leverage Media Protection

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. the digital marketing landscape has undergone a drastic shift. No longer can marketers rely on traditional marketing channels of search and social. The costs are rising, and profit margins are diminishing. Given this, DTC brands will find it daunting to capture high lifetime value (LTV) customers, and […]

New Google Search Console Coverage Report Source & Unsubmitted Pages

Yesterday morning, Google fixed the validate fix button and rolled out the more simplified coverage report statuses. With that, Google also added a way to filter the report by resubmitted pages and a new source column. There are two newish items in this report, outside of the invalid or valid / indexed or not indexed […]

Survey Says SEOs Actually Need Featured Snippet & Indexing Protection API In Google Search Console

A poll on Twitter by Brodie Clark shows that SEOs really do want both a featured snippets filter in the performance reports in Google Search Console and also an index coverage API. The poll also has a number of other requests but those are by far the most requested because those were specifically called out. […]

3 Methods Direct-to-Client Brands Can Use Media Protection

The opinions of entrepreneurs’ contributors are their own. The digital marketing landscape has gone through a drastic change. Marketers can no longer rely on traditional search and social marketing channels. Costs go up and profit margins go down. With this in mind, DTC brands will find it daunting to acquire high lifetime value (LTV) customers, […]

Google Search Console protection concern Bulk e-mail redirect error

In the past 24 hours or so, Google has sent me dozens of notifications from websites that I used to verify the properties of the Google Search Console. The notices say “New Coverage Problem Detected” and the specific error is a “Redirect Error”. Google said it would investigate why all of these notifications were posted. […]

What 5 news-Search engine optimisation specialists make of Google’s new, “Full Protection” characteristic in cell search outcomes

30-second abstract: Google just lately rolled out the “Full Protection” characteristic for cell SERPs Will this influence Search engine optimisation visitors for information websites, Search engine optimisation finest practices, and content material methods? Right here’s what in-house SEOs from The LA Occasions, New York Occasions, Conde Nast, and outstanding agency-side SEOs foresee Google’s “Full Protection” […]