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Google-Extended Bot Token Does not Have an effect on Google Search

Google has made an update to its Google-Extended section of the Google crawler (user agent) search documentation to change the references of “Bard” to “Gemini” because of the product name change. Google also clarified that Google Extended has no impact or effect on Google Search. Google added this new line that reads, “Google-Extended does not […]

8 Google Rating Elements That Will Have an effect on Your Webweb site in 2023 [Infographic]

Are you looking to update your SEO strategy? Want to learn the ranking factors that Google has confirmed will determine where your website ranks? The team from Red site design share the confirmed Google ranking factors you need to know in this infographic. Here’s what makes the list: backlinks relevance Freshness HTTPS Mobile friendliness page […]

Survey Indicates Customers Are Not Happy With Google Outcomes. How Does It Have an effect on website positioning Efforts?

A new survey by SEMRush indicated that most users who search on Google are not satisfied with the search results, needing to refine their queries more to find what they are really looking for. The research noted that: “…Many users are not satisfied with the results of the first SERP and need to refine their […]

How Your Business Logos Colors Can Affect Your Business & Social Growth

How Your Business Logos Colors Can Affect Your Business & Social Growth Did you know that the colors used in your logo can have a big impact on your business? In fact, research has shown that color can be a powerful tool for influencing customer behavior. By choosing the right colors for your logo, you […]

Are The SERPs Biased? How Widespread Stereotypes Have an effect on Outcomes (And Marketing Efforts)

We love Google. And, as a marketer and tech-savvy professional, I can’t live without asking Google everything that crosses my mind. I know, the internet is not always the best source of information — but it’s so fast and easy that it is almost impossible not to use it. The problem is when we get […]

What Modifications And How It May Have an effect on You

Another big news related to Google changes: this week, the company announced a large update to its core algorithm. The announcement was made through the company’s Twitter accountwhere the official list of all updates were published. According to Google, these changes can take up to two weeks to complete. This is the second improvement to […]

Will Scheduling Posts Have an effect on My Engagement?

Question: I’m trying to grow the social media accounts for my small business, but I’ve heard that using scheduling tools can cause low engagement and reach. Is this true? The short answer is: no. Consistency is more likely to raise your reach and audience engagement — which is the primary service offered by third-party scheduling […]

Instagram Is Changing: Why Likes Still Matter and How They Affect Your Business

Home Business Magazine Online Instagram is rolling out changes to improve the user experience, but these adjustments will also affect how you find and like content — and how others find and view your posts. In an ever-changing social media sphere where users are always at the whim of Insta’s latest algorithm changes, it can […]

Coronary heart illnesses and diabetes: How insomnia can have an effect on your well being

Q: How do I know when to seek treatment for insomnia? It is recommended to seek treatment if you have problems falling asleep, maintaining sleep, or tend to wake up in the early morning, and it affects your ability to function and interact with people.  You can look for a general practitioner with an interest […]

Google Says Analytics Implementations Does Not Have an effect on website positioning

Google’s John Mueller said that your SEO is not impacted by the way you implement your analytics software. That is assuming you don’t implement it in a way that blocks crawling and indexing, he added. John said on Twitter “How you implement Analytics doesn’t affect SEO at all. (assuming your Analytics doesn’t block search crawling […]