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The Age of Digital Influencers is Coming, Which Will Convey a Vary of New Issues for Manufacturers

While the current spate of generative AI tools are interesting, and are already changing discovery behaviors and interactive processes, they’re really only scratching the surface of what’s possible, and are far from actual “intelligence” as the AI name suggests. Indeed, most of these initial models are data matching tools, able to predict elements of text […]

Write Win-back Email Subject Lines That Deliver Customers Again

These days, companies in every industry are sending out messaging and content at a rapid rate, making it harder than ever to get people to pay attention to your brand’s content, news, and promotions. But this constant buzz of noise, good or bad, is not for nothing. Maintaining strong customer relationships is one of the […]

Twitter Looks To Bring Advertisers Back With Expanded Ad Features, Months After Top Advertisers Left The Platform In Mass

Twitter Looks To Bring Advertisers Back With Expanded Ad Features, Months After Top Advertisers Left The Platform In Mass Topline Twitter, now called X, has announced a partnership with X on Tuesday. expand brand safety measures for advertisers on the platform—which has been battered by decreases in ad revenue since Elon Musk acquired Twitter last […]

What Promoting Trends Will Super Bowl 2023 Deliver?

Every year, tens of millions of viewers across the country and around the world look forward to the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is the annual playoff game of the National Football League (NFL). It is the final game of the season and is used to determine the champion of the competition for that year. […]

6 Ideas for Creating Magnetic Headlines that Convey Excessive Conversions

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. You work hard on creating content. This content deserves to be seen. But that’s only possible when you invest some of your efforts into creating the content‘s headline. The headline is the one part of your content that gets the most exposure since 80% of the readers […]

Precious Vibes to convey sober lounge & restaurant to former Pat’s Niche Pub

X For years, Kristine Gomez-Delatorre, owner of Precious Marketing, has used her skills to provide low-cost marketing services for small local businesses. But soon, she hopes, she’ll be just as busy handling marketing for her own nascent business.  Precious Vibes is the name for the new sober lounge and eatery, which is slated to open in the […]

15 Spectacular Popup Designs That Carry Outcomes

Popups are controversial. On the one hand, they help business owners and marketers advertise, build email lists, and drive leads to take specific actions.   On the other hand, website visitors tend to hate them so much that the inventor of the popup, Ethan Zuckerman, apologized for creating them.   Popups interrupt the user experience and can […]

Northeast North Carolina Niche Agriculture Conference to deliver full day of schooling and networking to Barco – The Coastland Occasions

Northeast North Carolina Niche Agriculture Conference to bring full day of education and networking to Barco Published 4:10 pm Saturday, October 1, 2022 Courtesy Currituck Extension The first annual Northeast North Carolina Niche Agriculture Conference will be held at the Currituck County Extension Center in Barco on November 18, 2022. A full day of education […]

Lauren Monroe, Rick Allen convey therapeutic to 191 Toole | Music Function

click to enlarge (Photo by Tracy Moyer) Lauren Monroe is celebrating the release of “Messages from Aphrodite” at 191 Toole on Thursday, Oct. 6. Husband Rick Allen will be part of her band. After spending the summer on the Stadium Tour with his band Def Leppard, drummer Rick Allen is stepping back into clubs to […]