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Measure Transactional E mail Efficiency | Twilio SendGrid

Businesses pay a lot of attention to marketing email performance to measure return on investment. But we often don’t monitor transactional emails in the same way. This could be because it’s easy to forget about these automated emails after you set them up or because you send them from a platform that doesn’t offer easy […]

Send transactional emails from an automation with Postmark

Since Postmark joined the team at ActiveCampaignwe’ve been busy developing ways to connect the two platforms, and we’re excited to share the first big milestone with you: Introducing the Postmark App for ActiveCampaign. With the new Postmark App for ActiveCampaign, you can set up and trigger transactional emails from an automation, making it easier than […]

Transactional vs. Marketing Email | Twilio SendGrid

The biggest question we get from potential and existing customers alike is, “What’s the difference between marketing email and transactional email?” There are a few ways to answer this question: Content and purpose: A transactional email contains information about an action the recipient has already taken, while a marketing email intends to drive the recipient […]

What’s new in CXA? Transactional e-mail, an improved type expertise, and customized object enhancements!

It’s an exciting time to be an ActiveCampaign user right now. With our recent acquisition, to the continued releases that support custom objects, our commitment to providing exceptional experiences continues. Let’s dive into some of the latest announcements and releases that help you scale while using ActiveCampaign, and see how your daily use of the […]

Transactional Email is Evolving with ActiveMarketing campaign and Postmark

Transactional emails are one-to-one unique messages that your recipient is expecting to receive. They are usually triggered by the user and do not require an unsubscribe link. Examples include password resets, order confirmations, delivery updates, or requesting bank statements. These are all powerful touchpoints between you and your customers, who are expecting to not only […]

Shoppers Need Extra Out Of Transactional Emails

As part of Postmark joining ActiveCampaignresearch was done to understand how consumers and businesses feel about transactional email and where transactional email can better serve audiences. With Postmark joining ActiveCampaign, transactional recipients will be able to reply to emails, a key pain-point surfaced in the research. Have you ever received an email from a brand […]

GetResponse fast transactional emails information

The ecommerce market is growing each day and so is the number of shops trying to catch customers’ attention. If you want to make your store stand out above the competition, it’s a good idea to take every single opportunity you have to impress and engage your customers. Let’s talk about turning your transactional emails […]