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Send transactional emails from an automation with Postmark

Since Postmark joined the team at ActiveCampaignwe’ve been busy developing ways to connect the two platforms, and we’re excited to share the first big milestone with you: Introducing the Postmark App for ActiveCampaign. With the new Postmark App for ActiveCampaign, you can set up and trigger transactional emails from an automation, making it easier than […]

Transactional Email is Evolving with ActiveMarketing campaign and Postmark

Transactional emails are one-to-one unique messages that your recipient is expecting to receive. They are usually triggered by the user and do not require an unsubscribe link. Examples include password resets, order confirmations, delivery updates, or requesting bank statements. These are all powerful touchpoints between you and your customers, who are expecting to not only […]

Creating the way forward for automation and buyer expertise – Welcome Postmark

Today’s buyers have unlimited choices, making it harder to keep customers and earn new ones. The deciding factor for a purchase often comes down to the relationship a customer has with the business, making every interaction a crucial touchpoint. With important communications coming from transactional emails like order confirmations, billing notifications, and updates that occur […]