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New Advert Reductions from X Level to Ongoing Development Challenges

Despite all of the talk about Elon Musk’s changes at Twitter, and how they’ve been a positive or negative for the platform, really, none of these opinions actually matter in the broader scope of its business performance. What matters is users, and generating more interest in the app, with attracting ad dollars being the secondary […]

Google Sells Google Domains as A part of Ongoing Price-Chopping Efforts

If you bought a Google Domains URL with an intention of building some cool new website, things could be changing, with Google selling its domains business to Squarespace for $180 million. As reported by Bloomberg, Google’s getting out of the domain naming racket, as it continues to cut costs, and re-focus on other, more future-facing […]

Google Outlines Ongoing Efforts to Fight China-Based mostly Influence Operations Concentrating on Social Apps

Over the past year, Google has repeatedly noted that a China-based group has been looking to use YouTube, in particular, to influence western audiences, by building various channels in the app, then seeding them with pro-China content. There’s limited info available on the full origins or intentions of the group, but today, Google has published […]

Google Search Apologizes For Ongoing Points With Search Outcomes In Most popular Language

Google’s Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, posted a message on Twitter and other social networks, apologizing for the ongoing issues and complaints with Google showing the preferred language in the search results. Google said the issue seems to be from mobile sites not being properly configured and Google’s mobile-first indexing being more widespread. Google said, “We […]

Meta Commits $150 Million to Help the Ongoing Operation of its Oversight Board

While it remains an experiment, Meta’s Oversight Board provides an interesting case study in third-party regulation of social platforms, and how official rules and regulations could help to ensure more uniformity, and fairness, within platform rulings. Founded back in 2019, the Oversight Board is an independent group of experts to whom Meta and its users […]

Fb Publishes New Insights into the Ongoing Impacts of the Pandemic on SMBs

Fb has printed the newest iteration of its State of Small Enterprise report, which measures the continuing impacts of the pandemic on SMBs, and the way the vaccine roll-out is being mirrored in gross sales numbers, employment, and extra. The report incorporates direct responses from over 35,189 small enterprise leaders from throughout the globe, together […]