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YouTube Updates its Impersonation Coverage to Fight Rising Re-Use of Creator Content material

YouTube is making a change to its impersonation policy in order to combat rising misrepresentation and impersonation in the app. The updated rules will require fan channels to clearly state that they are not affiliated with the entity that they’re supporting. As explained by YouTube: “If you operate a fan channel, make sure you state […]

Google Outlines Ongoing Efforts to Fight China-Based mostly Influence Operations Concentrating on Social Apps

Over the past year, Google has repeatedly noted that a China-based group has been looking to use YouTube, in particular, to influence western audiences, by building various channels in the app, then seeding them with pro-China content. There’s limited info available on the full origins or intentions of the group, but today, Google has published […]

How To Combat the Effects of Inflation

How To Combat the Effects of Inflation by Adam | September 14, 2022 in 2022, inflation pink 9.1%. This is the fastest pace of inflation the country has seen since 1981 with the index of all goods rising dramatically. In 2021 the US depreciated 16% compared to the Mexican peso, 12% compared to the Canadian […]

Meta Outlines Evolving Efforts to Fight Mass Reporting and ‘Brigading’ in Newest Threat Report

Meta has published its latest Adversarial Threat Reportwhich looks at all the malicious and scam networks that it detected and took action against in Q2 2022. And much of it is as we’ve come to expect – Meta removed two clusters of hacker groups operating in South East Asia, as well as a troll farm […]

YouTube Launches New Valentine’s Day Push on Shorts, the Newest Step in its Push to Fight TikTok

YouTube has launched a Valentine’s Day push on its TikTok-like ‘Shorts’ option which encourages creators to express their appreciation for their audience via short clips. As you can see here, YouTube’s calling on creators to share the love on Valentine’s Day through a custom Shorts background, which you can download here. You can then share […]

Sleep Specialist Warns In opposition to Utilizing Over-The-Counter Melatonin To Fight Insomnia – CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — During the pandemic, millions of people have resorted to an over-the-counter remedy to help them get to sleep, but as CBS2’s Dr. Max Gomez explains, the melatonin you might be taking could be harmful. Insomniacs have even more company than they used to, judging from what Mount Sinai sleep specialist Dr. […]

How to Fight Laziness – Social Media Explorer

How to Fight Laziness Laziness is not a disease or a handicap. It is something that we can change in our everyday life and it is also something that we need in our schedule. While people can be lazy than normal, it is healthy to take time for yourself and have a lazy day. However, […]