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Google Sells Google Domains as A part of Ongoing Price-Chopping Efforts

If you bought a Google Domains URL with an intention of building some cool new website, things could be changing, with Google selling its domains business to Squarespace for $180 million. As reported by Bloomberg, Google’s getting out of the domain naming racket, as it continues to cut costs, and re-focus on other, more future-facing […]

Snapchat’s Reportedly Seeking to Cull Over 1,200 Jobs as A part of its Broader Value-Reducing Efforts

The horror run continues for Snap, with the company reportedly set to lay off around 20% of its workforce as it seeks to drastically cut costs amid worsening market conditions. As reported by The Verge, Snap’s planning to cull more than 1,200 full-time roles as part of a major restructure aimed at getting its business […]