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Google Outlines Ongoing Efforts to Fight China-Based mostly Influence Operations Concentrating on Social Apps

Over the past year, Google has repeatedly noted that a China-based group has been looking to use YouTube, in particular, to influence western audiences, by building various channels in the app, then seeding them with pro-China content. There’s limited info available on the full origins or intentions of the group, but today, Google has published […]

Instagram Chief Outlines Key Areas of Focus for the App in 2023

2022 was a mixed year for Instagram, with the platform reaching a new milestone in monthly active users (2 billion), while also repeatedly copying TikTok and seemingly losing its own identityat least to some degree, in the process. The biggest challenge for IG seems to be that it’s no longer a unique app. Its tools […]

Elon Musk Outlines Roadmap for ‘Twitter 2.0’ in New Slide Deck

Elon Musk has provided some more insight into his evolving plan for Twitterwhich will now also see the company embark on a hiring push, after firing 65% of its workforcein order to get in more development and engineering talent to help realize Musk’s grand vision. And with that, Musk has put together a new pitch […]

Meta Outlines Key Areas of Focus, and Enterprise Alternative, Following Downbeat Earnings Report

anus a disastrous earnings reportin which Meta informed the market that its net income was at its lowest levels since 2019 in the most recent quarter, largely due to ongoing, and rising investment in its metaverse vision, Meta has sought to reassure investors that it has a plan to get its financial performance back on […]

Meta Outlines Evolving Efforts to Fight Mass Reporting and ‘Brigading’ in Newest Threat Report

Meta has published its latest Adversarial Threat Reportwhich looks at all the malicious and scam networks that it detected and took action against in Q2 2022. And much of it is as we’ve come to expect – Meta removed two clusters of hacker groups operating in South East Asia, as well as a troll farm […]

Barack Obama Outlines Key Challenges with Social Media Amplification, and How one can Deal with ‘Design Flaws’ to Save Democracy

Former US President Barack Obama has outlined a range of rising concerns with the modern media landscapeand social media specifically, along with potential solutions that could help to address social platform ‘design flaws’ that are facilitating the spread of toxic content and misinformation online. In a broad-ranging speech on the topic of “Challenges to Democracy […]

Instagram’s Chief Outlines the Key Areas of Focus for the App in 2022

We saw Instagram in 2021 copy practically everything TikTok has to offer, and according to Instagram boss Adam Mosseri, you can expect even more of this in 2022 as the platform plans to focus on its key growth areas – and specifically on consolidating its video formats to maximize engagement. In the video above, in […]

Facebook Outlines Advances in Connectivity, because it Works to Join the Subsequent Billion Customers

Although Facebook has reached ubiquitous levels in many regions, continues to add more users every quarter, which is pretty amazing considering the app has been around for 17 years now. However, there is an important trend to be aware of. As you can see in the above DAU chart from Facebook’s most recent earnings report, […]