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30 Email Marketing Phrases You Need to Know

Promotional offers, monthly newsletters, and event reminders are just a few examples of email marketing campaigns that can lead to higher conversions and business growth. In fact, the average person receives over 100 emails per day, which means companies have to find effective ways to capture user attention and set themselves apart.  The following key […]

11 Methods to Win at Email Marketing

Want more out of your email marketing campaigns? Then look no further – start with email segmentation. In this article, we’ll guide you through the ins and outs of this underrated email marketing practice that can turn your email program into a profitable marketing machine.  We’ll go over:  Let’s dive in! What is email segmentation? Email segmentation […]

What it Means for Advertising and marketing and Sales

Everyone wants to be data-driven in their marketing and sales process. This is a good goal. Understanding your data and applying that insight allows you to optimize your campaigns and drive more traffic, conversions, and sales. Often, these “insights” come in the form of cause and effect: “when we do X, it results in Y. […]

Jill Fecher On Creating Your Personal Job Description At A Digital Advertising and marketing Company

Jill Fecher is the Chief Growth Officer at Cypress North and we spoke about her work history and her previous experience in traditional media. We spoke about how she joined Cypress North and why she joined that company. She loves how working in a smaller company is easier to make quicker moves and be more […]

Area of interest Products Require Particular Advertising: 6 Suggestions For Enterprise Progress

When marketing a niche product, it is essential to understand that you cannot rely on the same strategies as you would for a mainstream product. To succeed, you need to focus on special marketing tactics that appeal to your niche audience. This blog post will discuss six tips for marketing a niche product and growing […]

How to Make Your Marketing Much less Cringeworthy and Extra Authentic

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Authenticity has become such a buzzword these days that it’s almost lost all its meaning! The dictionary literally defines the word authentic as: “not false or copied; genuine; real”, but yet, there are so many people out there desperately seeking people’s help to come across as authentic. […]

18 Black Friday Marketing Methods to Try in 2022

Planning a Black Friday marketing strategy is the key to standing out in a large crowd of advertising. Think about it. Every store, whether brick and mortar or eCommerce, are advertising deals. Customers are actively searching for them. So how do you catch their eye? By being prepared and rolling out some killer tactics. Don’t […]

Content Marketing World Is Again Speaking About ROI, Experiences, And Objective. Readvert The Unique Interview!

For all content marketers out there feeling the need for networking, look no further. Content Marketing World 2022one of the biggest marketing events in the world, is here to provide you with many interactions, connections, and experiences. This year, the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) is bringing a different hybrid format. The in-person event will take […]

Is a Niche Marketing Strategy Doable for Small Firms?

Adding and retaining new clients remains a top priority for most CPAs and accountants. Niche marketing remains the most effective strategy to do so. This has become even more apparent since the pandemic. Clients in every industry have been impacted and need solutions from CPAs and accountants with specialized knowledge of their industries. As a […]

‘Niche advertising and marketing is the best way ahead for GB’

The Adventure of the Seas in Freeport Harbour. Photos: Derek Carroll By DENISE MAYCOCK Tribune Freeport Reporter dmaycock@tribunemedia.net A SENIOR tourism official in Grand Bahama said they are focusing attention on niche markets to boost the island’s tourism sector. Steven Johnson, general manager of tourism on GBI, said Grand Bahama has Boating, Diving and Romance, […]