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How To Monetize with Push Notifications

You’ve worked hard to get traffic to your website or app, but how do you make sure you’re earning all you can from that traffic? It’s no secret that publishers are always looking for ways to increase their revenue. And it’s especially tough when you’re working with a limited budget. What else can you do […]

Meta Proclaims ‘Recurring Notifications’ for Business Messaging, a Important Shift in its Platform Strategy

This is an unusual switch up in Meta’s business messaging rules. This week, at its first ever ‘Conversations’ messaging conferenceMeta announced ‘Recurring Notifications’ on its Messenger Platformwhich will enable businesses to send ‘proactive, automated messages, to people who have opted in to receiving them’. As you can see here, businesses will soon be able to […]

Introduction of internet push notifications in GetResponse

We have great news for you today! GetResponse has a new useful tool for online marketers. It is Web push notifications! If you are not familiar with this term, don’t worry, I’m here to explain how it works 🙂 If you need guidance on creating web push notifications in GetResponse, jump to the last part […]

What’s new in CXA? Constructed-in engagement, cell activity notifications, improved web page administration, and extra

ActiveCampaign highlights a summary of each month’s releases so you can continue to scale with a platform that scales with you. What improvements and new features were released in October? Automation of sales engagement. You can now automate a unified sales experience that drives lasting customer relationships. Send one-off emails from a connected account as […]