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Roofing Marketing Secrets and techniques Only Professionals Know About

If your business has nailed putting shingles down, but your roofing marketing strategy seems a bit leaky, you’re in the right place! While getting my Master’s in Digital marketing between 2020 and 2022, I took a side hustle with an American marketing agency. Our three-member team back then, with limited knowledge of the roofing industry, […]

Mother’s Day E mail Advertising Concepts (with Examples)

Mother’s Day email marketing can take your business sales to the next level if you play your cards right.  Think about this: it’s a day when people are eager to spend big on gifts for the mothers in their lives. Lucky for you, you have just the right product or service to help put a […]

10 Finest LinkedIn Advertising Tools for Quicker Development

While many social networks saw business use decline in 2023, LinkedIn saw 5% business use growth. (Second only to the 16% business use growth of TikTok.) Hootsuite’s Social Trends Report finds that change in usage is driven by a renewed focus on ROI. LinkedIn is the platform of choice for many businesses looking to make […]

Social Media Marketing for Beginners: 10 Ideas

Your mind is ready. Your body is ready. It’s time to take your first steps into social media marketing. And we’re here to say that we couldn’t be more proud of you. More than 4.95 billion people are social media users. Worldwide, social users spend almost two and a half hours on social platforms each […]

How My E-commerce Firm Has Used Personalization to Construct an Electronic mail Advertising Channel With a 55 P.c Open Charge

From the moment I started my company, Motif Skincare, I knew I was entering a crowded market with high customer acquisition costs. It would be challenging to compete with influencers and larger brands when it comes to fueling new customer discovery. As such, the primary goal was to create products that truly made a difference […]

Mastering the Artwork of Marketing Planning

Are you struggling to elevate your brand awareness and drive revenue through effective marketing? You’re not alone. Many businesses, from small enterprises to Fortune 100 companies, grapple with the challenge of not only creating high-quality content consistently but also engaging effectively with their audience. Indeed, the solution lies in efficient marketing planning. Marketing planning is […]

Unlocking Success with Effective Marketing Planning

Have you ever wondered why some businesses thrive while others struggle? The secret often lies in their marketing planning. In the business world, a well-planned marketing strategy can be the difference between failure and success.  It’s like a roadmap guiding your business toward its objectives, uncovering the most efficient paths, and helping you avoid unexpected […]

7 Innovative Marketing Approaches to Boost Your Gross sales in 2024

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Within less than two decades, marketing as we know it has changed almost beyond recognition. At the beginning of the century, business owners and marketers had a limited choice of channels through which they could reach potential customers. For small businesses, some of those channels were cost-prohibitive. […]

TikTok Publishes Valentine’s Day Advertising and marketing Information

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, TikTok has shared a new guide to help marketers tap into the event, and create more resonant campaigns in response to key trends among TikTok users. You can download TikTok’s 9-page ‘Valentine’s Day For You’ guide for yourself here (with email sign-up), but in this post, we’ll take a look […]

25 AI Advertising and marketing Instruments To Assist You Win in 2024

Forgive us for using a technical term, but it’s absolutely bananas how far AI has come in the past year. And while some people are worried that the robots are here to take our jobs, we’re convinced they’re here to help us do our jobs better—especially when it comes to AI marketing tools. If you […]