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Google Ads Search Themes For Performance Max

Google announced the beta launch of Search themes for Google Ads Performance Max campaigns. Search themes are an optional signal you can use to inform Google AI about your business to expand relevant reach across your Google ad campaigns. Note, right now it is optional, but in early 2024, Google will automatically upgrade your existing […]

Themes & Takeaways From The Yr’s Top Commercials

The 2023 Super Bowl delivered exceptional ratings and an exciting game. As per usual, however, some viewers were more interested in the commercials than the action on the field. This year’s lineup certainly delivered, even though the ads were far from groundbreaking. While we anticipated all the usual themes for this year’s commercials, there were […]

New mural in Whitehorse stays away from ‘conventional Yukon themes’

At 25-years-old, Asia Hyde is the designer and illustrator behind the new mural in downtown Whitehorse. Hyde said she stayed away from the “standard Whitehorse mural themes,” wanting her art to be more imaginative and less historical. “It’s still kind of Yukon-y. A little bit fantastical and a little bit whimsical,” she said.  The wall painting in the […]

Bings IndexNow for WordPress, Google search engine marketing Themes, Hyperlinks in 2022, and extra

It’s been a slow start to 2022, but I think that will be welcomed by most of you – I got my January 2022 Google Webmaster Report live, if you even got off the hook you will read it and want to catch up on it there . Microsoft Bing has released a WordPress plugin […]

If altering web site themes does not damage your Google rankings

Last week we covered how Google’s John Mueller said that Change the website theme or WordPress theme, can affect your rankings. But when will changing your website theme not affect your rankings? Google’s John Mueller actually looked at this question a few months ago Twitter. He said changing the colors on your website or moving […]