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Google Says Incorrect Final Modification Date In HTTP Header Does Not Damage Your website positioning

Google’s John Mueller felt the need to post a PSA that said having an incorrect date set in your last modification date within your HTTP header won’t hurt your SEO. He said on mastodonhaving an incorrect date set there “won’t negatively affect your site’s overall SEO if used wrongly.” John wrote about spotting an article […]

Plagiarism: What Is It and How Can It Damage Your Content Marketing?

Plagiarism is something everyone learns about in school at one point or another. Students are taught that while sources can (and should) be used for inspiration or research, it’s not OK to copy original content from other students or from published sources. Dedicated writing and journalism courses delve even deeper into what it means to […]

Google Says Invalid Schema Markup Would not Damage You

Gary Illyes from Google said that having invalid schema markup does not hurt your rankings or your site. He said the worse case, if Google cannot parse the markup, it won’t use it. Gary said this at the 10:56 mark into the SEO office hours video. Gary was asked, “Can it hurt to have schema […]

Google Says Clicking On Your Web site In Google Search Will not Harm Or Assist Your Rankings

One of the oldest myths in the Google SEO verse is that clicking on your search results in Google Search will help you rank better. Google does not and has never used click data for ranking purposes (with the exception of a short period of Google+ data being used in Google Search). The question someone […]

Emoji do not damage search engine optimisation. But ought to they seem in your content material? 😐

Attention all SEO professionals: John Mueller struck again. This time, our favorite Google Search Advocate brought words of wisdom regarding the presence of emojis in webpage titles, meta descriptions, and the content itself. He said that if you want to use them, go ahead. Emojis will neither harm nor help you SEO strategies. Mueller revealed […]

If altering web site themes does not damage your Google rankings

Last week we covered how Google’s John Mueller said that Change the website theme or WordPress theme, can affect your rankings. But when will changing your website theme not affect your rankings? Google’s John Mueller actually looked at this question a few months ago Twitter. He said changing the colors on your website or moving […]