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Native Examine Says Evaluation Recency Impacts Native Rankings in Google Search

Another small study done by Joy Hawkins says that the recency of reviews does impact the rankings of those local business listings in Google Search and Google Maps. Like the previous studies, this was not really statistically significant but it is nice to see a case study looking at these in isolation. One of her […]

Research Says Key phrases In Native Evaluations Does Not Influence Google Native Rankings

A new study from Sterling Sky shows that putting keywords in the local reviews on business listings does not help improve the local listings ranking in Google Search. The study said, “it does not improve rankings.” In short, the study put reviews with the keyword phrases “fresh cut Christmas trees” and “Christmas trees” in the […]

Google Says Billions Of Redirects Are Advantageous But Web site Strikes Do Impression Rankings

Someone is looking to move to a new CMS where the site has 20,000 products on the front-end of the website. When the site switches to a new CMS, it sounds like the URLs will need to change. He asked if he could redirect 20,000 URLs. The answer is yes, he should do that, if […]

Google Helpful Content Update To Goal Content Written For Search Rankings

Google has announced a new big search ranking algorithm update named the helpful content update – yes, Google named it that. This update will start to roll out next week and will target content that is, um, not helpful to humans and people. The helpful content update looks to weed out content written for the […]

Google Says Clicking On Your Web site In Google Search Will not Harm Or Assist Your Rankings

One of the oldest myths in the Google SEO verse is that clicking on your search results in Google Search will help you rank better. Google does not and has never used click data for ranking purposes (with the exception of a short period of Google+ data being used in Google Search). The question someone […]

Swapping Out Your Weblog For An App Touchdown Web page Will Impression Your Google Rankings

It is not too uncommon to see app developers, before the app is launched, to launch a blog on the home page of the app’s domain name. This is done to gain traction on the domain name before the official app is actually live. But will moving the blog off the home page and replacing […]

Google Replace Says Automatically Generated Content material In opposition to Tips When Supposed To Manipulate Search Rankings

Google has updated the webmaster guidelines document to add that automatically generated content is against the guidelines only when it is “intended to manipulate search rankings.” This was added to the main webmaster guidelines here the other day. However the specific document has said for the past couple of years the same language, “where it’s […]

Google Search Date Filter Does Not Present Your Outdated Search Rankings

Google’s John Mueller confirmed an unusual SEO myth that said that the date filter in the Google Search tools will show you how pages ranked in the search results during that date range. John confirmed this is not true, all it does is filter search results that were published around that date range. The date […]

One other search engine optimization Claims Increased Rankings With out Content material Hidden In Tabs

A few years ago, we reported that Google said despite some of the SEO case studies, content collapsed and hidden within expandable tabs (accordions) will be indexed and ranked fully. Well, Dan Shure tested it again and he said no, it is not. Dan posted on Twitter that he saw a really big boost in […]

9 Search engine optimisation-Trends, um Ihre Rankings im Jahr 2022 zu verbessern

Das Einzige, was gleich geblieben ist, ist der Wandel – und das bedeutet, dass jetzt der perfekte Zeitpunkt ist, um mit der Planung Ihrer digitalen Marketingkampagnen für die nächsten Monate zu beginnen. Dazu gehören alle Dinge, die mit Suchmaschinenoptimierung (SEO). Was in der Vergangenheit jedoch funktioniert hat, um das Ranking Ihrer Website in den SERPs […]