Hyperlinks On YouTube Will not Assist Your Google Rankings & web optimization

An SEO asked if links on YouTube videos will help with your Google SEO. Then someone said that it would help get your content indexed faster. Both are false and myths because YouTube links have nofollow attributes on them, so Google does not count them.

John Mueller from Google even replied that links on YouTube video pages do not help get your content indexed faster.


— John Mueller is mostly not here 🐀 (@JohnMu) December 28, 2022

And here is the original tweet where I replied showing the nofollow attribute on links on YouTube videos:


— Barry Schwartz (@rustybrick) December 27, 2022

Here is that screen shot:

click for full size

So no, links on YouTube videos will really not help you with Google’s ranking algorithm or to get your content indexed any faster. So, embedding YouTube videos won’t help you rank better and Google’s John Mueller said in the past Google doesn’t use YouTune links.

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