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Google Says Embedding Native Critiques On Your Web site Does Not Assist With Internet Rankings

Google’s John Mueller was asked if it would help with web rankings in Google to embed reviews from sites like Facebook, Bing, Google, etc., on your website. John said no, not for web search, and he also warned us about not using structured data on those third-party site reviews. In short, using reviews collected by […]

Google Confirms Embedding Iframes With NoIndex Does Not NoIndex Your Web page

This may be obvious to a lot of folks but embedding iframes can be a confusing topic to many. John Mueller of Google confirmed that if you embed an iframe that contains a meta noindex, it won’t result in the page you are embedding the iframe being removed from the Google index. John Mueller was […]

Google Can Present Video Thumbnails In Search Even With out Embedding Video On Web page

Crystal Carter posted an example on Twitter of Google showing a video thumbnail for a snippet of her page but that page did not actually embed a video on the page. So if you visit the specific page, there is no video for a user to click on to play. To be fair, there is […]

Embedding Our Values and Causes in Our Product

Gegen Ende 2020 veranstaltete das Buffer-Engineering-Team eine zweitägige Hack-Veranstaltung, bei der das Team Ideen erforschte, die sowohl mit unseren persönlichen als auch mit unseren Unternehmenswerte. Obwohl wir bestrebt sind, unsere persönlichen und Unternehmenswerte in die Dinge einzubringen, die wir bauen, ist es manchmal gut, einen Schritt zurückzutreten und uns wirklich auf die Dinge zu konzentrieren, […]