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Russian pupil dealing with jail over social media posts says she needed to flee

Vilnius (Lithuania)SME — Olesya Krivtsova thinks it’s because she was neither the first, nor the last, to criticize the war in Ukraine that she scared Russian authorities as much as she did. SME was told that her posts on social media were not particularly problematic or outlandish. This is in line with the experiences of […]

Twitter Is Going through A Nice Exodus – Can The Firm Stay Worthwhile If It Loses Its Energy Users?

The sign for Twitter Headquarters is seen in San Francisco on Friday, November 4, 2022. Bracing employees … [+]Twitter suffered widespread layoffs on Friday as Elon Musk, the new owner of the platform, revamps it. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu) Copyright 2022 The Associated Press All rights reserved Users often sign out of social media services only […]

Twitter Going through Twin Threats – How Will The Platform Reply To Musk And Zatko?

Twitter’s future could be in jeopardy even if Musk manages to get out the deal for the platform purchase. … [+] challenges. getty Elon Musk’s legal counsel has been trying to find ways for Musk to renegotiate his $44 million deal to purchase social media platform Twitter. Musk’s attorneys filed an extra notice on Tuesday […]

Kids Are More and more Going through Cyberbullying On Social Media

The bullying of children online is also a concern. getty According to McAfee’s new report, cyberbullying has increased on social media platforms. This is a growing way that younger people use social media for communication. The worst part is the fact that these attacks don’t only target teens. Racial abuses are directed even at children […]

The High 6 website positioning Challenges Manufacturers Are Going through In 2022, According To HubSpot Knowledge

Google’s algorithm is changing very often, so every marketer that works with SEO must pay attention to those updates in order to change their digital strategies or create new ones. It makes many companies ask themselves which SEO challenges they will find. Recently, HubSpot has published a report on web traffic and analytics to know […]

Pepsi And Walmart Every Going through Calls For Boycotts On Twitter – Do Social Media Boycotts Really Matter?

Twitter trends Tuesday morning were the hashtags #BoycottPepsi and #BoycottWalmart getty The hashtags #BoycottPepsi and #BoycottWalmart were trending on Twitter Tuesday morning — and for very different reasons. Calls to boycott the world’s largest retailer came after Quebec announced that shoppers would have to go to their Quebec pharmacy without proof of vaccination. The soft […]

Navigate the highest challenges going through CPG and retail advertisers in 2022 – Nielsen

Meet the biggest challenges CPG and retail advertisers face in 2022 – Nielsen from Adam | December 9, 2021 The past 18+ months have been tumultuous across all industries – especially for CPG brands and food and beverage retailers – and rising e-commerce demand has irrevocably changed the landscape. While many who were heavily focused […]