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Understanding how marketing campaign optimization pays off in an ever-expanding media panorama – Nielsen

Research and news about streaming’s impact on TV watching habits are plentiful. Most recently, US streaming usage hit a new high in April, capturing more than 30% of audiences’ total TV time. This time of fragmentation in viewership has significant implications for advertisers. However, many marketers have continued to focus on traditional TV and increased […]

May ushers in the summertime of streaming – Nielsen

May ushers in the summer of streaming – Nielsen Television viewing, like other activities has its historical norms. Many are influenced by the calendar. However, streaming continues to grow and claim 31.9% in total television time. May is traditionally the month that TV viewers are at their lowest. And this year was no exception, with […]

How audience-based attain metrics in-flight can increase ROI – Nielsen

How audience-based reach metrics in-flight can boost ROI – Nielsen Pilots need real-time information to tell them how well their aircraft is performing and whether it’s on course to arrive on time or earlier, using airspeed indicators, altitude indicators, altimeters and more. Landing in the desired place is the ultimate goal. The goal of in-flight […]

Sports sponsorships are elevating extra than simply model consciousness – Nielsen

The universal breadth and appeal of sports continues to present brand sponsors with significant upside, both through exposure and how well consumers regard brands’ involvement. Combined, sports activations are doing more than boosting brand awareness—they’re leading to higher conversion rates. Higher conversion rates are a reflection of: Brand sponsorships have increased following the 2020 global […]

#BreaktheBias – How IllumiNative Founder Crystal Echo Hawk is combating erasure of Native Americans in media – Nielsen

#BreaktheBias – How IllumiNative Founder Crystal Echo Hawk is fighting erasure of Native Americans in media – Nielsen Native Americans contribute to society every day, despite a long history of violence and erasure against their communities. This community is growing. Since 2010, the American Indian and Alaska Native populations have increased by 5.2 million to […]

How Black audiences are partaking with audio greater than ever – Nielsen

Content is the common language for African Americans. US Black Americans spend more time in media than any other population. Content engagement is what drives the most popular hits and trends. Black customers are increasingly taking control over their media and economic influence and investing in Black communities, Black content, and Black experiences. The Black […]

Client habits shifts and new experiences are broadening fan engagement – Nielsen

While many industries are affected by the pandemic worldwide, global sports has seen the most significant impact. The return of sports fans midway through 2021 was greeted with cheers by all. However, sports fans’ behavior has evolved so much that it is difficult for the industry to go back to its pre-COVID state, in particular […]

Television up 8% in January as streaming surges and broadcast booms – Nielsen

Television up 8% in January as streaming surges and broadcast booms – Nielsen by Adam | February 17, 2022 With 197.6 billion viewings, the January 1st week broke all previous streaming records. Christmas Week 2021 is now second with 183 Billion viewings. The 12% increase in monthly volume, which was unprecedented in any other category, […]

Why specializing in the complete advertising funnel is vital for long-term model development – Nielsen

Brands of every size and industry saw their marketing budgets decrease after the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020. Many brands had to halt or reduce their brand awareness campaigns as a way to cut costs. The brands refocused their resources and bandwidth on engaging existing customers, rather than trying to win new ones. Because they inspire […]

why manufacturers want to know client sentiment – Nielsen

Knowing that personal connections are key to brand longevity, savvy marketers are looking forward to a third year with COVID-19. To do that, they need to focus on building and maintaining trust with their audience—and which channels to use in that effort. While it’s important for brands to maintain balanced marketing strategies, marketers should pay […]