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How to Address Evolving Threats within the Supply Chain

Home Business Magazine Online The supply chain is a critical part of any business. It’s the process that brings products and services from suppliers to customers. This process can be complex and involves many aspects, including transportation, warehousing, and distribution. The security of the supply chain is essential to protect your business from evolving threats. […]

Twitter Going through Twin Threats – How Will The Platform Reply To Musk And Zatko?

Twitter’s future could be in jeopardy even if Musk manages to get out the deal for the platform purchase. … [+] challenges. getty Elon Musk’s legal counsel has been trying to find ways for Musk to renegotiate his $44 million deal to purchase social media platform Twitter. Musk’s attorneys filed an extra notice on Tuesday […]

What it Takes to Stop Ransomware Threats

What it takes to stop ransomware threats The world’s uncertainty in the global pandemic is stressful enough to keep in business. However, there is an ever-present and growing concern that your business is being hacked by those who want to harm you – or at least for profit. Here’s how to stop ransomware threats. One […]