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25 ecommerce techniques to spice up gross sales and buyer engagement

E-commerce is 1 of the most powerful and fastest-growing industries in the world today. It is predicted that 95% of sales will occur online by 2040. NielsenIQ data shows that 67% of all consumers report changing the way they shop due to COVID-19, and this figure is poised for further growth. The move to online […]

How to Use Affiliate Marketing to Degree Up Your Ecommerce Technique

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Ecommerce continues to gain relevance as people find it more convenient to shop online, especially when 2020’s pandemic hit. Now, the ecommerce vertical is 2021-ready. But the initial obstacle remains: How to position a given product before the precise audience? To remove this barrier and grow customer […]

Develop Conversions with SMS Marketing for Ecommerce

Ecommerce offers great opportunities for merchants. But with the massive growth of online selling – and, of course, shopping – ecommerce sellers face unique challenges.  Changing customer expectations and evolving marketing technologies all add to the obstacles in the way of ecommerce growth.  SMS marketing can be a powerful, affordable, and doable strategy here. But […]

Increase ecommerce conversions with product AI suggestions

Are you struggling with maintaining a continuous flow of sales for your online store? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything that’s in your budget but none of the quick fixes seemed to bring in the results you hoped for? Have you already considered giving GetResponse a try but couldn’t help but felt like some […]

GetResponse for Magento – one of the best ecommerce advertising and marketing software

Managing a Magento store could be draining because it requires a lot of skill, resources, and effort. It’s an incredibly powerful tool that lets you build amazing stores, but it needs some resources to keep everything running smoothly. Great news – it can be much easier with the proper tools. Automation tools can save you […]

Google Gives 8 Suggestions On Ecommerce search engine marketing

Alan Kent from Google published a video on SEO tips for e-commerce sites, this includes 8 tips. You can watch the video embedded below or just read my summary of those tips. (1) Technical SEO Basic: Make sure you do the technical SEO basics like allowing Google to crawl your web site. Make sure your […]

Ecommerce Discount Technique: A Practically Idiot-Proof Information

Discounts have been part of the selling process since the times our ancestors traded sharp sticks for pretty seashells. Care for a bigger stick order? Perfect, have a free amber piece for the wife. And now we’re stuck with discounts for good. To this day, there are a few proven ways to approach discount pricing […]

5 Tips for Keeping Your Ecommerce Customer Data Secure

Home Business Magazine Online Even though globalization and technology improved the ease of doing business, some risks are still present. One of the most common risks is data security, especially for e-commerce businesses. Your e-commerce business handles sensitive customer information; thus, keeping your network secure is vital. Additionally, your business may also handle customer data […]

How CXA is Creating Extra Development for Ecommerce Corporations in 2022

“How would you rate your recently purchased product?” Imagine receiving this email from a brand after not being able to reach a customer service team about a delayed order. Nothing makes loyal customers more frustrated. Many ecommerce brands are using automation incorrectly, leading to poorer customer experiences. Automation missteps like this can really hurt a […]

Ricardo and Pilar Quintero discover profitable area of interest in e-commerce magnificence line

Ricardo and Pilar Olivero. Contributed photo. In April 2017, Ricardo Quintero stepped down from his role as president of The Movado Group, the global watchmaker, after taking what he considered to be one business trip too many that kept him away from his family. “After that trip, I felt I didn’t want to be traveling […]