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Why the Coaching Industry Is Poised for Transformative Progress within the Gig Economy Period — and How to Navigate the Waves of Change

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. The gig or freelance economy market stats indicate that by 2027, America will be a freelance-majority workforce country. This shift clearly indicates that Gen Z is embracing entrepreneurship, creating a new era of digitally native business dynamics. As a surfer, I always compare surfing with entrepreneurship, where […]

10 Best Email Coaching Templates for 2024 (Copy & Use)

As a coach, loyal and happy clients are one of the greatest factors that keep you in business. But the market is constantly growing, which then translates into more competition. That means you need more effort to gain or retain your clients now than before.  To stand out, one of the most crucial things you […]

10 Greatest Life Coaching Software program to Develop Your Follow in 2024

As a life coach, the number of tasks that fill your day-to-day life can seem endless. At the minimum, you’re communicating with your clients, booking appointments, and invoicing for your services. Doing all these tasks can be overwhelming, and you still have to help your clients reach their goals. Luckily, there are plenty of life […]

5 Best Coaching Websites (+ Recommendations on How to Create Yours)

Coaching has always been a transformative niche, guiding individuals toward their goals and aspirations in different areas of their lives. But like most careers that survived the shift to the digital age, its value in society is no longer enough to keep your coaching career alive.  Today, you must actively communicate your value as a […]

How to Win Coaching Purchasers

OK, you already defined your coaching niche and your target audience. You also checked off arranging your coaching services into clear packages and pricing.  So, the game begins. You are ready to market your coaching business and attract your ideal clients. But handling digital marketing without knowing all the ins and outs can be challenging, […]

How to Start an Online Coaching Business in 7 Simple Steps

“Was that OK?”  ☝️ This is the most common question Oprah Winfrey hears from her guest after the interview. Barack Obama asked her that. So did George W. Bush and Beyonce. People that we think are so rock-solid and confident. Yet, showing that they are also insecure with that simple “Was I OK?” question. Why […]

Das beste High School Coaching System geht zu Ende!

Home Wirtschaftsmagazin Online Marc und Joan Hunter haben ein Erfolgsmodell aufgebaut! Circa 1989, Virginia Marc Hunter trainierte Bahn und Cross-Country an der South Lakes High School und Joan Humphries tat dasselbe an der James Madison High School. Die befreundeten Rivalen-Trainer tauschten oft Trainingsideen und Coaching-Philosophien aus. Sie wurden bald ein Paar und heirateten 1994, und […]