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Google Bard Will not Hyperlink To Sources Too Typically

As you know, we’ve been playing with Google bardit just started to roll out a couple of days ago. Early on, we were disappointed thus far with how limited it seemed and more so, how it rarely linked to sources and content creators. Now, Google got back to us on why this is the case. […]

Microsoft Bing Testing Extra On This Matter From For Information Sources

Microsoft Bing is testing a new feature in Bing Search in the news section of the search results. The feature is titled “more on this topic from” and it shows a list of news publication’s logos that you can click on to see more news from that specific publication. I tried to replicate this but […]

James Gibbons On How Search Has Changed, SEM Instruments & Other Search Sources Of Traffic

In part one with James Gibbons, the senior customer success manager at quattr, we mostly spoke about how search tools can help you make decisions, and we also spoke about his history. In part two we spoke about what has changed in search marketing, more on SEO tooling and other sources of search traffic. How […]