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Are We Again To Speaking About EAT And Topic Clusters?

Well… Google Topic Authority is not a new subject. Therefore, I’ll use this space to reinforce the importance of EAT and the tactics of Topic clusters. This is an old classification system which Google is talking about again, with a recent post on its official blog. Maybe because the market still didn’t know how to […]

Google Marketing Live AI Advertisements, Google Search Rating Replace, Matter Authority Rating System & Extra

This week, we had the big Google Marketing Live event where Google showcased more of how ads will work on the new Google Search Generative Experience. Google launched the new Search Generative Experience to some searchers last minute (so this is not in my video). Google also showed us how AI would help advertisers build […]

Google Search Has A Topic Authority Rating System

Google posted a new blog post about an old ranking system it has not talked about before named “topic authority.” Initially, everyone thought Google was announcing a new search ranking algorithm update, but no, Google’s Danny Sullivan clarified on Twitter, saying, “this isn’t a new system that’s just launched.” Danny added that “we’ve used it […]

Google Testing The New +Matter Search Bar Refinements On Desktop After Launching On Cell

Earlier this week, Google announced it has begun to roll out the new topics + sign refinement Options in the English/US on mobile search results. But it seems Google is also testing them. They are not fully live on the desktop search results. Glenn Gabe spotted this and posted a video cast of it on […]

Google Useful Content material System Replace, Steady Scroll On Desktop & Subject Refinements

This week we had another confirmed update to the Google helpful content system; it is now global. Google also had a lot of volatility over the previous week, unrelated to this confirmed update. Google officially rolled out continuous scroll on desktop search this week. Google also officially launched topic refinements in the mobile search results […]

Google Search New Field “Maps On This Topic” & “From Your Subscriptions”

Google Search is showing and maybe testing news and top stories related boxes with a headline that says “maps on this topic.” So, Google can also know what publications you are subscribed to and show you “from your subscriptions” content as well. Maps On This Topic This Maps on this topic box is super unusual […]

Microsoft Bing Testing Extra On This Matter From For Information Sources

Microsoft Bing is testing a new feature in Bing Search in the news section of the search results. The feature is titled “more on this topic from” and it shows a list of news publication’s logos that you can click on to see more news from that specific publication. I tried to replicate this but […]

Management The Show Of Advertising By Topic Or Model

During the annual Google I/O 2022 event, among many other news, the company announced that later this year, it will launch the “My Ad Center” platform, an advertising “hub” that will give users greater power over the ads they want to receive. According to the company, the tool will replace the current functionalities of AdSettings […]

Google mentioned the class or matter title within the url slug just isn’t essential

Google’s John Mueller said that including the category name or topic name in your url slug won’t affect your ranking in any way. I’m not 100% sure he really meant NULL, but he used a GIF that says NULL. Here is the set of tweets on Twitter so that you can see it for yourself: […]

Clubhouse Provides New Matter Choices to Assist Customers Discover Related Rooms, Expands Language Assist

Discovery is key to maximizing the social uptake of audio, and both Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces had to face various challenges to get users to see the most relevant shows in real time, limiting the capacity of each platform to generate optimal interest. Today Clubhouse is taking a significant step in meeting its discovery challenges, […]