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Google Shop By Price & Shop By Brand Packing containers

Google Search can show a “shop by price” and shop by brand” carousel and accordion box in the search results for shopping-related queries. The search bar filter for shopping has those features but now they can show in the middle of the search results. Khushal Bherwani spotted this and posted on X: Truth is, this […]

Worthwhile Strategic Report on Niche Subscription Boxes Market With Included Analysis of New Developments, Updates, and Forecast to 2030 Patreon, Walmart, Amazon, Unilever, Birchbox

The Worldwide Niche Subscription Boxes Market Research Report 2022 is Carefully conducted for the industry in a qualitative and consistent way to ensure a successful outcome for the Niche Subscription Boxes Market. In addition to identifying, analyzing, and estimating new trends, this research report also examines key industry drivers, challenges, and opportunities in addition to […]

Niche Subscription Boxes Market Overview By Current

Niche Subscription Boxes Global Niche Subscription Boxes Market Research Report Forcast 2022-2029 provides a key analysis of the market status of the Niche Subscription Boxes with the best facts and figures, meaning, definition, SWOT analysis, expert opinions, and the latest developments across the globe. The report also calculates the market size, Sales, Price, Revenue, Gross […]

Microsoft Bing Testing Coloured Sitelink Packing containers In Bing Search

Microsoft Bing is testing background colors for the sitelinks section of the search result snippet. I am not sure I like this look but it does indeed make the sitelinks stand out a lot – what do you think? I was indeed able to replicate this but it was first spotted by Khushal Bherwani on […]

Google Testing Two Rows Of Story Packing containers Below A Snippet

I’m not even sure what to call this, maybe a brand story snippet, maybe story boxes, I’m just not sure. But Google seems to be testing showing two rows of article boxes with images (even including social media sites) about a brand below the brand’s search result snippet. This was spotted by Kunjan Shah on […]

Google Search Exhibiting Picture Containers In Bizarre Snippet Location

Here is a weird Google search interface test that is the more visual design but seems possibly broken. Google is showing a set of images in a snippet that has no URLs listed, is unrelated to the snippet above it or below it. It just shows images related to the queries. I am not sure […]