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Google Stated Redirects From Non Related Pages Will not Trigger The Vacation spot Web page To Be Much less Related

Dawn Anderson asked Google’s John Mueller if redirecting a non-relevant page would cause the destination page (where the redirect it going towards) to be less relevant and cause any ranking issues for its relevant queries. John said no, “I can’t think of a way that would have a negative effect there,” he added. The conversation […]

Google Discover Tales For Vacation spot Queries By TikTok, Facebook & YouTube

Google is testing a new format for destination queries that not only shows things to do but now showed this story format “Discover” section. Google embeds stories from TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and possibly other platforms for this section. I personally cannot replicate this, but Saas AK shared a video of this in action on Twitter […]

Elgin space might be come ‘area of interest sport’ occasion vacation spot, tourism bureau officers say – Chicago Tribune

Spikeball, also called roundnet, may not be a well-known sport but it’s one that’s growing in popularity, according the Elgin Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. And when a Spikeball tournament is played in Elgin next weekend, tourism officials will be paying close attention as they work to position the city as the perfect location for […]

Google Ads New Destination Not Accessible Coverage

Google Ads announced it is adding a new “destination not accessible” policy under the Google destination requirements policy. Google is also making changes and clarifications to the document overall. Google said the changes go into enforcement March 21, 2022. Destination not accessible policy The new independent destination not accessible policy is part of the overall […]

Science Information Roundup: NASA’s new house telescope reaches vacation spot in photo voltaic orbit; English COVID research finds document prevalence in January and extra

Following is a summary of current science news briefs. Wanted: Volunteers to catch COVID in the name of science The world’s first medical trial authorised to deliberately expose participants to the coronavirus is seeking more volunteers as it steps up efforts to help develop better vaccines. The Oxford University trial was launched last April, three […]