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Google Rating Cooling However Chatter Heated, AI Opinions, TLDs, Programmatic search engine optimization, UI Adjustments, Bing Darkish, Native, Earnings & Extra

This week, we noticed that many, but not all, of the Google rank tracking tools were cooling, but then later this week, the SEO chatter heated up. Google Merchant Center says AI-generated reviews are spam. John, Gary, and Martin spoke about TLDs and domains for Google SEO. John Mueller called programmatic SEO a fancy banner […]

Google Search Rating Algorithm Replace Chatter

I am seeing a significant increase in chatter from within the SEO community around a possible Google Search ranking algorithm update. While most of the tracking tools have calmed, except for Semrush and Mozcast, I am seeing a big spike in SEO chatter yesterday and into today. We all know how intense and volatile the […]

Google Search Ranking Algorithm Replace Volatility & Chatter On January third & 4th

As the Google December 2022 helpful content update other link spam update continue to roll out, I am now seeing more signs of volatility and chatter within the SEO industry in the past 24 hours. It seems like there is another Google algorithm updateor maybe a continuation from the previous ones, taking place on January […]

Some Google Algorithm Monitoring Instruments Are Reporting An Replace But Business Chatter Low

Over the past couple of days, some of the Google search algorithm tracking tools were reporting large swings in volatility in the search results – thus signaling a possible Google search updates. But the chatter amongst the SEO industry during that time has been super quiet, showing no signs of an update. So it is […]