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Gmail and Yahoo’s New Sender Necessities: A Nearer Look

Inbox providers like Gmail and Yahoo! face a daily battle to protect their users’ inboxes. As Marcel Becker, Sr Director of Product Management at Yahoo!, says, “A key mission of Yahoo is to deliver messages that consumers want to receive and filter out the messages they don’t.” Spammers and other bad actors are going nowhere.  […]

New Sending Requirements for Gmail & Yahoo!

Today, Google announced a new set of requirements they are planning to begin enforcing in February 2024 for impacting senders with volumes greater than 5,000 emails a day to Gmail. Simultaneously, Yahoo! has announced a similar set of requirements without the level of detail. This article will focus on the Gmail requirements, but with Yahoo!’s […]

Gmail Offers New Incentive to Undertake BIMI

A couple of years ago, Gmail announced support for Brand Indicators for Message Indicators (BIMI)—forever changing the game. Implementing BIMI can be a challenge for some senders, but if you want your emails to stand out in the inbox, consider adopting BIMI. BIMI has always provided 3 major benefits for senders: Increases brand impressions with […]

Google Ads supply concern affecting Gmail advertisements on desktop

Google has a new Google Ads serving issue that affects ad serving in the desktop version of Gmail. So if you run Google Ads on Gmail, your ads may not show to a “significant subset of users” according to Google. Google posted the incident over here and wrote: “We are aware of an issue with […]

put together for the adoption of BIMI. in Gmail

After a one-year pilot project by BIMI (Brand indicators for message identification), Gmail has officially announced that it will be rolling out general support for BIMI to drive the adoption of stronger sender authentication. BIMI is an industry standard that seeks to increase the widespread adoption of email authentication in the ecosystem while also providing […]